This Millenium Falcon Turntable Holds A Different Kind Of Record For The Kessel Run

"I got your promise: not a scratch!" That's what you'll say to anyone who drops the needle on this amazing turntable built inside one of the galaxy's most iconic ships: the Millenium Falcon.

This frankly-excellent contraption started out life as a bulky toy model of the Millenium Falcon back in the mid-1990's, before Marco over at Picotek Design got his hands on it.

He made a frame for the Technics 1200 turntable to sit in, as well as stronger feet (disguised as the landing gear and ramp) to make sure it stayed upright and strong.

After that, machining work began so that the Falcon could become the galaxy's coolest record player, and the finished product looks incredible.

Images: Picotek Design

[Picotek Design via Geekologie]

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