This Beautiful Photo Spells Doom For The Sea

This Beautiful Photo Spells Doom For The Sea

Photo: This photo looks innocent enough: a simple, breathtakingly beautiful long-exposure shot of algae along the Hong Kong shoreline. But under the surface, the blue luminescence, called "Sea Sparkle", is bad news for the ocean.

Noctiluca scintillans algal bloom, as Sea Sparkle is more correctly known, is caused by farm pollution that can be seriously bad news for marine life. Noctiluca feeds off the nitrogen and phosphorus run-off from industry, causing a high concentration around some shorelines. The bad news is that ammonia is a by-product of the Noctiluca growth, and high concentrations of ammonia is thought to (unsurprisingly) disturb marine life that lives in the area.

Image credit: AP Photo/Kin Cheung


    So we shouldn't worry about the billions of tonnes of plastic that currently in the oceans? Nor the dumped nuclear waste? Nor the heavy metals toxins? Nor all the other shit humans intentionally dump every day?

      naah were already doing a lot to keep the gunk from going into the air... surely that's enough

      I am pretty sure the article didn't say anything about those, so we are free to worry about them as much as we want.

      This just adds to the list of crap we dump in our "endless" oceans.

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