The Lifelike Sculpt On This Popeye Figure Is Terrifying

The Lifelike Sculpt On this Popeye Figure Is Terrifying

Toys: Just say no to spinach, kids. That's the only logical conclusion one could come to after seeing Headplay Toys' new 12-inch Popeye figure with forearms thicker than his thighs. It almost makes steroids seem like a great idea in comparison.

If, for some reason, you want to stare at this creation sitting on your desk all day, you can pre-order one from Tenacious Toys for $US300. Only 500 of them are being produced, and we'll be the first to admit the detailing is impressive, especially when it comes to all the ink this version of Popeye's had done. But we'd be more apt to make a pre-order if we had confirmation he came with an optional shirt. [Tenacious Toys via The Awesomer]

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