The Leatherman Tread Is A Multi-Tool That's Also A Bracelet

If you're an adult, you should own a multi-tool. This is a Fact. But if you're also a frequent flyer, you'll know the annoyance of not being able to carry said multi-tool through airport security both in Australia and internationally. This is where this nifty new tool will come in handy — the Leatherman Tread packs 25 different tools, sans knife, into a vaguely fashionable bracelet.

The Tread is a multi-link bracelet, with 9 links each with 2 to 3 tools on the outer edges — Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a cutting hook, glass breaker, and so on. When it's released in March or April, during the US spring, you'll have to spring about US$150 for the Tread, or US$200 for the the black as shown above — very expensive, but that's what you expect from a company with Leatherman's reputation for quality. I've used a black Leatherman Wave for a couple of years now and it barely looks used, so the Tread should stand the test of time.

Later in the year, Leatherman will expand the Tread lineup with a version that includes a Swiss-made quartz movement watch — the QM1 will set you back at least US$500, though. Now I just have to wait and see whether I'll be able to use the Tread itself as a wristband for my LG G Watch R.

We checked with Leatherman's official Australian importer to confirm local launch dates and possible pricing, but that's still to be worked out — at the moment, March is all we know, with pricing still "TBA".




    i like this. seems a big weird and out there, but i like it and would actually wear it.

      Ditto.. especially the combination with a Smartwatch!

        I think that's the big thing here.... As a bracelet... Meh, I don't really wear them. But as a watch band (smart or dumb) it's an amazing idea.

          yeah, agreed, not as a bracelet, but as a watch.

    The thing with this as a watchband or bracelet, is that you'd need to hope it was pretty close to the right size for your wrist.
    Too small and it won't fit.
    Too big and you either need to sacrifice one or more links (and risk not having them when you need them), or leave it full size. The problem with just leaving it at full size (assuming it doesn't just slide off), is that the link joints will flex and either poke you with a screwdriver, or the screwdriver will stick out and snag on things.

    I like the idea of it, but it's a bit big and it looks like something you'd wear with a gimp mask.

      Don't have a gimp mask? You can borrow one of mine if you need it.

    This just seems a bit silly to me, just use a regular Leatherman.

      But that has a knife and you can't take it on a plane. Plus it's not always on your wrist!

        Put your bloody knife in your bloody bag, don't carry it on!

        Then when you get to your destination you will have a full Leatherman. This means that whilst on the flight you won't be able to undo any screws or bolts, but that might be a good thing. They normally have you well covered on flights.

          Even in checked luggage you can potentially get in trouble for "importing a weapon"
          Its super annoying and I usually just don't risk it when traveling.

            I recently declared and flew with a Claymore Sword from Sydney to Auckland, and nobody blinked. I doubt weapon import laws would be an issue. :)

              Swords are very different to "concealable weapons"
              I've imported lots of swords. Daggers and knives are much more annoying. Even generic camping shit.

              Also you were leaving Australia... coming in is a completely different ball game

              Last edited 23/01/15 4:16 pm

            Who the hell takes their leatherman overseas?
            You will never get pulled up, in Aus, for having a leatherman in your checked baggage. Telling you this as a tradesman who travels to various states in Aus on a weekly basis.
            I've taken some weird and wonderful things to all corners and never once have I been stopped or questioned or had my bags inspected.
            They are looking for big fish, not leathermans.

    the things I use most on my leatherman are knife and pliers this has neither, ill pass

    I wonder if the black bracelet will stay back forever or if the scratch marks will turn up in different colour like steel.

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