That Drone That Crashed Into The White House? Dude Was Drunk

That Drone That Crashed Into The White House? Dude Was Drunk

Remember how the White House was in lockdown yesterday morning after a rogue DJI Phantom drone crashed into the lawn? According to The New York Times, the perpetrator was National Geospatial Intelligence Agency employee who’d been drinking and droning at a nearby apartment. Which, hey, it happens.

Drone image via Shutterstock

Our tipsy pilot decided to just sort of whistle and walk away after the incident, “despite fearing that the drone had flown over the White House. After friends told him about news reports on the drone Monday morning, he decided to contact the authorities,” The New York Times reported.

The whole thing is particularly ironic considering that the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is tasked with collecting and analyzing intelligence for the Department of Defense among other US agencies. The sorts of intelligence one might gather using, say, drones, for instance.

While this particular drone was purely of the recreational variety, the man who’d been operating it swears that it “belonged to a friend of his.” He was just holding it for a friend. Promise. [NYTimes]