Superfan Edited Marvel Superhero Movies Into Chronological Order

Superfan Edited Marvel Superhero Movies Into Chronological Order

A dedicated comic book superhero super fan just did God’s work: he stitched together all the Marvel Phase 1 and Phase 2 movies into chronological order. Which means you could theoretically watch the entire story unfold in one consistent timeline that makes sense.

Since movies that were released later sometimes occurred before other movies and because of flashbacks, it’s easy to get lost in what happened when in the Marvel Universe. Not anymore. The Comic Archive figured out which scene goes where and what fight matters when. It would be like watching one long movie.

However! I wish we could watch all 12 hours of edited footage in one go. That way we could all just marvel (heh) at the spectacle. But because that would probably be illegal, The Comic Archive chose instead to show you how to stitch them together with helpful pictures and still shots explaining what scenes go where (some scenes from Marvel Phase 2 movies and Marvel One Shots are included for completeness). It’s a hell of an achievement, either way.

Here’s Phase 1 of the Marvel movies in perfect chronological order:

And here’s the Phase 2 edit, which leans heavier on Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D.:

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