SteelSeries Has An Eye-Tracking Camera For Gaming

SteelSeries Has An Eye-Tracking Camera For Gaming

The slow march towards using all of your body parts to control a video game trudges on, this time with an eye-tracking gadget that lets you control and share your game thanks to SteelSeries and a company called Tobii.

The Tobii EyeX powering the new SteelSeries gadget comes in two variants: a model for pro-gamers and a model for the more casual crowd.

Pro-gamers are able to use their EyeX to record and share where they were looking on the screen during a particular game.

Say for example you’re fighting off a Zergling rush in Starcraft II, the EyeX technology inside the Sentry will look at where your eyes were during the attack.

Casual gamers can also get a kick out of eye-tracking tech, with certain games able to use ocular input as a control cue to move a cursor. We saw a game where you could pop balloons with your eyes just by looking at them.

The SteelSeries Sentry is now shipping at a cost of $US199. If it’s not compelling enough for you to buy right now, however, it’s a fair bet you’re going to see this sort of technology built into laptops soon.