Sennheiser's Dope Momentum Headphones Are Now Wireless, Noise Cancelling

Sennheiser's Dope Momentum Headphones Are Now Wireless, Noise Cancelling

I've fallen in love with the Momentum headphones Sennheiser launched a few years ago. They're my gotos: The cans that sit on my desk everyday. Usually, I don't care that somebody made existing headphones wireless or that they managed to make them noise cancelling. Bluetooth? Yawn. Noise cancelling? Whatevs. But I'm posting the Momentum wireless as an exception because I'm legitimately excited that they exist.

Like the old wired Momentums, the new ones come in both on-ear and over-ear versions. As mentioned above the headphones are Bluetooth so that you can play music wirelessly. They have got NFC so that you can tap and pair easily. Besides, their wireless connectivity, the headphones also have an active noise-cancelation.

Sennheiser's Dope Momentum Headphones Are Now Wireless, Noise Cancelling

At this time, there's not much more to say about the headphones without actually trying them. They look to be basically be wireless recapitulations of the existing models: The on-ear are smaller with smaller drivers. This time around, both the on-ear and over-ear versions fold up.

Hopefully the new Momentums will have the same balanced detailed sound as the wired versions. One potential red flag is all of the electronics inside of these cans. The reason I use the Momentums at my desk all day is that they're so lightweight.

Sennheiser's Dope Momentum Headphones Are Now Wireless, Noise Cancelling

It's worth noting that Sennheiser is also announcing a wireless version of the Urbanite series headphones the company announced last year at IFA. These headphones are a better sounding low-end headphone that's supposed to compete with Beats.

I'll have a chance to check out the headphone in Las Vegas, and I'll update when I've got more. For the time being, this is the only set of headphones announced so far I'm actually excited about.



    I want to like Sennheisers, but I feel that like Nokia they have lost what used to make them awesome. Its like somewhere a long the way their bottom line failed and unless you are willing to part with extreme amounts of money you just end up with crap. I have owned three different pairs of closed ear head sets and they just don't have the sound quality that I can get from other manufacturers for a lot less dosh.


      I used to love my Sennheiser DJ headphones (NB: I'm not a DJ, just loved the sound quality) but since then they have been surpassed by most other manufacturers in terms of sound quality.

      Especially when you look at Chinese manufacturers like SoundMAGIC who have produced some fantastic headphones (eg HP100).

      Nevertheless, the Momentum did score great reviews despite Sennheiser's depreciating position in the marketplace. I'll be very interested to hear from audiophiles what they think of these new headphones.

      I just spent some cash on the new Sony headphones with built in DAC, so I won't be buying any others for a few months at least :P

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        I feel the same I love my old pair and even though I have more disposable income now. I wouldn't part with the same money as I did for these. The old pair I got can't even tell you the model anymore that paints worn off. But they were just plain looking headphones that fit well and sounded great. No other fancy gimmicks.

        And I agree with the Chinese part too I own some hivi research speakers and bang for buck they're amazing. Check our swan speak for there off the shelf speakers.

        And a good dac makes or breaks a system these days.and good doesn't always mean the lowest distortion.

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    Sennheiser's newer Momentum line is definitely not attracted toward audiophiles but are decent on the go headphones that are low impedance and can be powered easily, however their HD lines are still pretty good. HD650 can be grabbed anywhere between $300-450 (depending whether they're on sale) and are great open headphones are that pretty well balanced and neutral, with great mids.

    Poc wrote about this during their coverage of CES this year a few months ago. I read their review of the original Momentums and they sound terrific. I wonder if the new ones sound the same. I need a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, but I haven’t listened to any that pop out as my wired Senn HD’s. (their story: )

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