Presto App Update Adds Presto TV For 'Selected Android Devices'

Already available on other platforms, streaming video service Presto has just introduced its Presto TV option to Android users. For $9.99 month, you'll have access to "1000s of hours of ad-free television shows", as long as you own one of a select few Android-powered devices.

Presto TV was added to the app's last update on 23 January, bringing the Android version in line with its Windows, Mac and iOS counterparts.

The update may also have addressed start-up issues with the app on Android 5.0, which were widely reported in a spate of bad reviews last year. However, the list of officially supported operating systems still refers only to Android versions 4.1 to 4.4. It gets a bit confusing though, as the Google Play description states that the app "requires a compatible Android tablet running operating system 4.0.3 to 5.X".

So you might just have to give it a crack and see how you go.

As for the supported devices, here they are below:

Galaxy Note 8 - GT-N5110, Galaxy Note 10.1 - GT-N8010, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition - SM-P600, Galaxy Tab 3 - SM-T310, Galaxy Tab 2 - GT-P5100, Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4 Inch) - SM-T705Y, Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10.5 Inch) - SM-T805Y, Nexus 7 - Nexus 7 Asus.

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    So the "Supported devices" are basically Samsung and Nexus "Tablesque" devices only?

    Presto is an atrocious excuse for a streaming service. I signed up for the free trial and have had no end of trouble that I don't get from any other service. Also, the app isn't compatible with my Nexus 5 which is just a joke.

    Stay away from this one.

      My Nexus 10 just started working with the Presto App after the app updated today. I had been streaming from my pc to the chromecast. Now streaming Ray Donovan from the tablet. Good quality. Presto isn't too bad when it's working. Could use more content though.

    I know that Foxtel gives first and most support (with Android) to Samsung, as they've had a partnership together for years. It's a shame, because it gets in the way of fairly serving their target audience. I've also had problems with Stan, as they don't yet support my HTC One M8. Very annoying.

    Anyone see the Presto Helicopter flying around Birsbane over the weekend (im assuming other capitals as well)? Seems like they are trying to push their brand before Stan takes over...

      Yes, it's been flying around Melbourne for a few weeks. Like there isn't enough advertising in the world without having to see it pollute the skies, too.

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