Police Arrest Another UK Man Over Christmas PSN And Xbox Hacks

Police Arrest Another UK Man Over Christmas PSN And Xbox Hacks

Britain’s South East Regional Organised Crime Unit has arrested an 18-year-old man over the denial of service attacks waged on Sony PlayStation and Xbox systems over Christmas.

The Crime Unit has been working closely with the FBI to identify the offender, ultimately resulting in the arrest of the man from Boundary Street in Southport, UK, just this morning. He’s charged on suspicion of unauthorised access to computer material, unauthorised access with intent to commit further offences and threats to kill. Police seized “a number” of electronic and digital devices from the property, which will now be examined by cyber forensics teams.

It’s not the first UK arrest over the PSN and Xbox hacks. At the end of December, Lizard Squad member Vinnie Omari was arrested on suspicion of unauthorised computer access with intent to commit other offences. But he was later released with no charges filed.

The newly arrested man is also suspected of ‘swatting’ offences, where information known to be false is supplied to law enforcement agencies so that they respond with tactical units. A huge drain of federal resources, it seems that the Briton in questions has a penchant for the pursuit.

There are few extra details about the arrest. But anyone whose Christmas was ruined by a lack of gaming can perhaps target their frustrations at a man in the south of England — for now at least. [SEROCU]