Optus Screwed Up Queensland's Morning By Accidentally Changing The Clocks [Updated]

If you're an Optus customer in Queensland, you've probably overslept this morning: your telco made a bit of an error overnight and pushed everyone's clock forward by an hour.

You see, Queensland doesn't adopt Australian daylight saving time, meaning that when states like New South Wales move forward an hour, the Sunshine State stays right where it is.

When Optus pushed a new network time to customers in the wee hours of the morning, phones that were set to automatically update their time-zone based on the master network clock (read: almost everyone) pushed themselves forward costing our Northern neighbours an hour of sleep.

Customers have taken to Twitter to complain about the problem with the hashtag #optuswrongtime.

Optus has told us that Southern Queensland users were affected, pushing clocks 1 hour forward in the region. The telco found the issue in the early AM, but couldn't identify the root cause at the time. It pushed a manual fix in the meantime but kept working on the issue. It has since been rectified.

Update: Optus has come good with an apology for the early-morning wake-up call and is giving customers free coffee.

Nice one.

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