Australian Online Sales Could Be Subject To GST Under New Proposal

An OECD proposal would see a flat tax applied to low-cost consumer sales made online.

Image modified from Shutterstock This story originally appeared on Lifehacker

The Age reports on the OECD report, which suggests that overseas suppliers should be required to register for sales taxes in countries where they ship goods as the "most effective" way to tax those sales.

Rather predictably, Gerry Harvey has his piece to say in the Age report, as he's a fan of the proposal, calling the current state of the play with GST, where sales under $1,000 are GST exempt, a "rort". Other local retailers are in favour of the move, although as we've seen previously, the pricing picture for local goods often has larger problems than just GST inclusion.

The OECD discussion paper is out for consultation until February, and as the Age notes, any changes to GST would need the full support of all states to pass into Australian law. [via The Age]

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