Nobody Puts This Robo-Vac In A Corner, Unless They Want It Clean

Nobody Puts This Robo-Vac In a Corner, Unless They Want It Clean

Unless you live in a retro-futuristic curvaceous bubble home, your house is probably filled with corners full of dust and debris and your boxy or round robotic vacuum can't quite reach them. It makes you wonder why all robot vacuums aren't designed like Panasonic's new MC-RS1 Rulo with its triangular-shaped form factor that allow its spinning bristles to reach and clean deep into corners.

Nobody Puts This Robo-Vac In a Corner, Unless They Want It Clean

To ensure it's not just randomly cross-crossing your floors, the Rulo comes packed with sensors that help it remember where it's already been, where obstacles might be, and to detect if the floor it just cleaned is still dirty and needs another pass. But the fact that the Rulo tapers towards the back results in pointier corners that allow the extended spinning bristles to reach farther into hard-to-reach places than its competitors.

On a full three-hour charge Panasonic's Rulo will happily keep your floors tidy in one hour shifts before needing to return to its charging base. And when available in March starting in Japan, it will sell for around $US850. [Impress via NewLaunches]

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