Leaked Companion App Spills Details On The Apple Watch

Leaked Companion App Spills Details On The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was already one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2015 before the year even started. And though current rumours indicate we still have even more details on what this watch will be able to do.

The companion app will most likely be part of the iOS 8.2 software release, and from a design standpoint, this app is strictly business. That means toggles. Lots and lots of toggles. But one of the app’s more visual features is that it lets users rearrange that seemingly chaotic galaxy of apps on the Apple Watch home screen by popping up a (much bigger) virtual screen within the app.

Aside from this homescreen function, the app also digs into messages, maps, accessibility, passcode, and some customisation options. It appears that messaging on the watch will be similar to other iOS devices in the sense that you can turn on/off read receipts and set up how many alerts you get per message. Of course, the watch is heavily handicapped by not having a digital keyboard but will apparently crib from Android Wear’s trick of using two alternative ways of texting: Pre-written replies or straight dictation. With the companion app, you’ll be able to create and adjust what default messages you wish to use.

The screen caps also show how Apple Pay will work with Apple Watch and keep your financial data secure. The Watch will come with a passcode system that’s required in order to use Apple Pay with the watch, because every time you take off the timepiece, you’ll be asked to input your passcode again if you wish to use Apple Pay. You can also unlock the watch with your phone, but the watch will need to be on your arm for it to work.

Lastly, Apple is adding an “Monogram” watchface that you can customise with 1-4 characters. You can also enable a red dot above the clock so you can see if you’re iPhone has any pending notifications.

This brief glimpse isn’t enough to pass any kind of judgment on the mythical watch itself, but for the most part there aren’t a lot of huge surprises here, just going on what we already know about the Apple Watch and what other smartwatches out there can do. But Apple is notorious for taking the complex and niche and turning it into something mainstream. We’ll know if Apples does it again come March. [9to5Mac]