Kogan Wants To Sell You Groceries Online

Kogan may have started out in the world of cut-rate Chinese-made TVs, but in the last few years it has branched out into smartphones, home appliances, and household goods. Now the Australian-founded online supermarket wants you to buy your batteries, shampoo, razors and Pringles over the 'net.

Kogan Pantry is a natural competitor to Coles and Woolworths' online shopping, as well as smaller outfits like Harris Farm and Grocery Run. It claims to offer savings of more than 80 per cent on some products, and on a (no doubt carefully selected) grocery shop using the Pantry saves 59 or 60 per cent versus Coles and Woolworths respectively.

There are some genuine deals to be had; a 220mL Nutella is $3 versus competitors' $5, and Pantene conditioner is $3 versus $15. Kogan's big drawcard at least initially should be its $9.99 capped shipping price, no matter how large or bulky your purchase is. It's worth checking the provenance of your items If you're a regular online shopper this might shave dollars off your purchase, but occasional buyers might be better off with the free introductory shipping from competitors.

There are some huge caveats to take into account before you start your first shop at Kogan, though. Some of those massive savings percentages come from loss-leader items like 1-cent Kit-Kats you can only purchase one of, the same with this Pataks stir fry. As you should always do when buying groceries, look around at different stores to compare prices to make sure you're always getting the best deal. [Kogan]

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