Japan's Infamous 'Robot Restaurant' Is Coming To Sydney!

The Tokyo Robot Restaurant is one of the most OTT attractions that Japan has to offer (which is really saying something). The cabaret-style show includes bikini clad dancers, futuristic robots and enough neon lighting to make your head explode. Next month, the restaurant's crazy entourage will be rolling into Sydney for two nights of sensory-savaging mayhem. Here are the details!

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To celebrate the launch of its 13-day Japan Unrivalled trip, youth travel brand Contiki will be bringing the Japanese Robot Restaurant to Sydney for two nights of fembot-themed insanity. According to the Contiki blurb, here's what punters can expect:

For two nights only on Monday 23 February and Tuesday 24 February, Robots Unrivalled will deliver an eye-popping slice of Japanese culture and is certain to be one of the weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful dinners Sydney has ever seen. Patrons will marvel as they’re taken on a futuristic journey to the sheer edge of insanity, whilst feasting on delicious and authentic Japanese food and beverages.   This "take no prisoners" performance will include amazing dance routines set to thumping J-Pop beats, more fluorescent colours than should ever be allowed in one place, as many lasers as can possibly fit and of course, huge futuristic robots doing battle as they attempt to destroy mankind once and for all. Or at least give great entertainment for an hour.

This video gives a taste of the weirdness Sydneysiders will be subjected to:

The Robots Unrivalled show will take place on 23 and 24 February. You can head to Contiki.com to register your interest. Tickets will go on sale later in the month.

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    I actually went to this when I went to Japan last year.

    Bizarre show but totally enjoyed it ! Never seen anything like it in my life but I doubt they'll be able to do the exact same show down in Sydney. The restaurant itself in Japan was crazy as well. As for the food, it was just one of those wooden lunch boxes given and they were selling popcorn and girls with beer kegs strapped on their back.

    I want this more than a ticket to Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck. This looks epic.

      as someone who has been to the Tokyo one i can vouch for how EPIC this place is.... its crazy nuts, and incredibly entertaining.

      Not sure how one in Australia would translate though... this place embodied the crazyness of Japan all in one place..

    The place is awesome - another first-hander here. I haven't laughed that much in years. The place is glee personified.

    I went there last year, and it'll lose a lot by not being at the same venue (the pre-show lounge had absolutely insane interior design that words cannot describe), but the show itself should still work fine.

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