Intel's Curie Module Can Turn Everything You Wear Into A Smart Device 

Here at Intel's big CES keynote, CEO Brian Krzanich is announcing Intel's new Curie Module, a tiny little device that will let you turn all the things you already own and wear into smart devices. It's a little DIY hardware module, powered by Intel's teeny tiny Quark technology.

The module uses Bluetooth LE and has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to track movements and recognise gestures. It basically turns just about anything into a gadget that's at least as smart as your average fitness tracker.

It's not something you would go around attaching to your glasses and your watch, but rather a sort of a bolt-on solution for companies that want to makes simple wearables. Instead of developing their own solutions, they can use Curie as a building block. Intel plans to start shipping these modules later this year.

Intel is also announcing a partnership with Oakley to develop smart eyewear powered by the new Curie Module.

The device is going to ship later on this year aimed at boosting athlete's performance according to a statement from the eyewear company's CEO.

Luke Hopewell added to this article.

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