Idiot Thieves Stole PINs With An iPod Nano Covered In Duct Tape

Idiot Thieves Stole PINs With An iPod Nano Covered In Duct Tape

Despite the repeated cries of tech bloggers everywhere, it would seem that the iPod isn’t actually dead; it’s just gone rogue. The newest ATM skimming scheme relies almost entirely on a MacGyver-ed version of your former, clickwheeled friend. How could you, iPod?

ATM skimming — or when a thief intercepts your card data during an otherwise legitimate transaction — has been around for a while now, and generally, skimmers’ tactics only get more advanced. But then there’s guy:

Instead of a skimmer that merely sucks up the data on your card’s magnetic strip, these thieves actually attached a device that prevents customers’ cards from being ejected entirely. All the while, the hijacked iPod nano — which had been turned into a makeshift camera — would record your presumably numerous attempts at entering your PIN. Once you’d finally given up, the crooks could come back, collect their cards and duct-taped iPod, and go about their thieving ways.

Of course, all of this is pretty dumb as far as modern-day skimmers go. Nowadays, the best kind consist teeny-tiny cameras that wirelessly transmit the data, as well magnetic strip readers that exist only as a middleman. That way, the user has no idea anything is even amiss, which means not immediately cancelling his or her card, as any logical human who had just abandoned their ATM card would.

Even the cops said that this was really, really stupid or “To be honest, not the best attempt we have seen.” Which is probably a bit of an understatement, considering that when it came to camouflaging their illegal secret iPod camera, this was the best they could do.

So while skimming is usually fairly hard to detect (that’s what makes it so dangerous), in this case, we actually can offer you some definite advice: If you see an iPod duct taped to an ATM directly over the keypad, do not use that ATM. You’re welcome. [Telegraph]