Here's Where Tesla Plans To Build Its Supercharger Network in Australia

When Tesla launched in Australia, we brought you the news that by 2016, Tesla Motors would have installed 16 new Model S fast-chargers in the local market. That's awesome, but what's it going to look like at the end of this year? Here are a few maps to keep you in the know.

Here's what the Supercharger network looks like now.

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By the end of 2015, Tesla Motors expects to have rolled out 10 Superchargers, capable of replenishing the at least half of the Model S' 502km battery in just 20 minutes. Impressive.

Here's where they'll be:

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And here's 2016:

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As Campbell mentioned in his review, you'll likely need to have a chat to Tesla if you live further West than Melbourne and want a Supercharger in your backyard.

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"The Model S is a very special vehicle, and it feels like a very important vehicle at the same time. It’s all-electric — no emissions, no guilt, no filling up at the petrol bowser every week and being a slave to ever-rising oil prices. It’s fun, if initially odd, to drive. It’s also a luxury car, which is always nice..."



    Tesla does not charge for these charging stations, I wonder how much it is costing the company to run them, and surely they will start to charge for the Supercharger someday?
    The way electricity prices are going, unless they intend to set up a Solar PV system at each location it could start to cost the company a bit of cash to pay for everyone to keep fuelling up for free.

      I suspect that they will start charging for them when they start releasing their mass market models.

      Don't they already charge for using the supercharger network on the cheapest model-S?

        Nah, Elon Musk said it will be free forever.... he is doing like the guy from Mac Donalds did.. investing in real estate... and the future plans are to have this stations ran by solar power.. so is not much cost involved after all..

        The base model S is not supercharger enabled (so cannot be recharged with a Supercharger) but can be upgraded to Supercharger for $2700 at time of purchase (or $3300 if done later) and then you get the "free" charging. All of them can also use the standard public charging stations or be charged from your home but at a much slower rate. I suspect that it costs a lot less than $2700 to add the capability to the car and that part of that $2700 is paying for the power (so Tesla is just bundling in the cost with the purchase and many owners probably don't use the Superchargers very much at all. Pretty sure that Tesla have promised that Model S owners will never pay for recharging.

        I am guessing that the same will happen with the Model 3 (so you will pay more if you want Supercharger capability).

        Also Tesla have supplied batteries, etc, to Mercedes for their electric car so wouldn't be surprised if they get the ability to use Superchargers at some point but have to pay for the recharging.

        Yeah, majority of these stations in the US are now Solar powered. The goal is to have them 100% completely neutral > or positively creating excess power.

        Elon state (as someone else mentioned) they will be forever free

      Every single charge station Tesla builds, has a roof system similar to current petrol stations and they all have a full PV array on the roof.
      Elon has said that currently each station pays for what people use.

      What people don't understand is, when you take your car to a place away from home for charging, it isn't generally a full charge.
      Most of the time its only a quick 10 minute charge to give them another 100KM range.

    These can still be charged (assumingly overnight) via standard 240v GPO right?

    Also how long will the batteries last before they don't hold as much charge and then you require a battery swap/service?

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      Yeah, they charge from any power point. Just slower based on voltage, etc.

      8 years battery life guarantee.
      As for 240 charging dunno tesla on gives figures for if you have a 50amp outlet. Which they rate at 46km per charge hour.

    I am picking up my P85D in ACT in mid June, Lets hope your forecast of the supercharger network is correct because I am planning to drive to Melbourne on the same day provided the super charger have been installed.

      !!! congrats! I Live in the ACT, can't wait to see you driving it around. Very jealous.

        Thanks. Can't wait to take delivery.

        APS swine.

      Why? How much do you expect to enjoy a drive down the Hume? You'd be much better off going down through the Snowy Mtns where you can actually enjoy your new car (maybe, if it's good enough) It's a terrific route packed with amazing scenery and great driving roads. Sadly for you, it's about 2.7km further than the range of the P85D, which means you'll need to stop in Khancoban or Corryong or somewhere for a few hours to recharge (because in the real world you won't get anywhere near the claimed range). OTOH, when I did the same trip on XMas Day I only needed a 5 minute stop near Seymour for an extra $20 worth of petrol to get me safely to Melbourne.

        out of Mclaren 650s, Lamborghini, Ferrari or the Merc SLS, I chose P85D because this is the only car which will get better with the new updates every year unlike other cars which will be worthless in 4 to 5 years.

    Random points on a map between Sydney and Melbourne doesn't really tell me jack!

    How about some actual locations?

      Even postcodes would be helpful, lol

      I'm guessing they don't actually know exactly where they're going to be. Just want them in those approximate areas.

    Was hoping Fitzroy Crossing would get a look in. Perfect road for a 2 door coupe electric car.

    I hope they expand it out west eventually. Being able to drive an electric car across the nullarbor plain would be awesome

    Strangely enough, Tesla list their "gallery" at the chadstone shopping centre in melbourne, but they DONT note that there is also a supercharger there in the car park as well.

    SO... there is actually a supercharger in Melbourne already in operation.

    Sigh. Yet again the assumption that Australia = Sydney and Melbourne, and possibly Brisbane if you are lucky. Add in a few dots to join these cities and that's the country.

    I wonder what Simon Hackett has to say about this...

    and nothing in Perth WA :(

    Lol. Hopefully if all of the Eastern Staters switch to electric cars the price of Petrol will drop for us Perthians due to lack of demand.

    Perth will get it's own electric highway which will be funded by the RAC in WA. Should be announced very shortly.

    Just a couple of things to clarify from the above comments:

    - There aren't many supercharger stations with solar panels above them - yet. The end goal is to have all superchargers powered by solar or some other renewables (e.g. they're all hydro powered in Norway). However, due to wanting to roll out the Superchargers quickly, the solar panels have not been added yet to most of them. The intention is to add them later, especially with Elon Musk being the Chairman of Solar City, to reduce the ongoing operating expense of providing the electricity for the Superchargers and to ensure that they are powered with renewable energy.

    - The chargers at Chadstone in Victoria are not superchargers, they are High Power Wall Connectors (HWPCs). These deliver up to 80 Amps single phase or 32 Amps 3 phase. All owners receive one of these for free (installation costs at owner's expense) to install at their home. It's important to note that the HPWCs can be hard set to lower power output levels to accommodate individual circumstances. You don't have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to upgrade the power coming into your home, contrary to what has been disseminated by some publications. The 3 phase units have not yet been released, but owners will be upgraded to them (if they wish to) from a temporary single phase unit when they are released. Most owners have them set to 32A or 40A single phase in Australia at the moment.

    - Tesla is also rolling out HPWCs at destinations throughout the country. There is already a hotel in Canberra with them installed with another hotel in Canberra having one in their possession, yet to be installed. They are to be rolled out to destinations such as shopping centres (like the ones at Chadstone), hotels and other accommodation destinations (e.g. resorts), etc. Superchargers are primarily used for quick charging during long distance driving to get to destinations whereas HPWCs are primarily for use when you get there.

    - The maps in this article are just preliminary plans. There will be more superchargers (and heaps more HPWCs) across the country over time. My guess is that we are likely to be surprised (on the upside) with the rollout of Tesla charging infrastructure in Australia.

    Edit: grammar

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    I would expect the Great Ocean Road would be a good place to put a couple of these. You wouldn't be able to get to Warrnambool and back in a Tesla but with a charger there, it would be possible. Maybe have another one in Apollo Bay.

    There's nothing in WA?
    But I saw a model S plugged into one of these in Dunsborough back in February! I SAW IT.

    EDIT: ok, so it wasn't a Tesla supercharger, but one of these:

    Still saw a Model S though

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