Here Is Microsoft's Demo Of Those Crazy Holodeck Glasses

Video: Today, Microsoft announced Project Hololens, its crazy attempt to make a goggle-based faceputer that will project VR all over your daily life. We haven't had a chance to try it on just yet, but here's video of Microsoft's live demo from the keynote.

What do you think. Does it look worth slapping on a headset for?


    That looks so painful compared to the glossy advert version they showed us.

      Probably literally painful too, try and hold your arms out in front of you for a few minutes and they will start to feel like lead weights. I think teachers will agree that its not much fun writing on blackboards for long periods, and that's perhaps easier on the arm as you can rest against the board a little.

      Nice concept though.

        Pretty much why I never use my Leap Motion unless there's a new tech demo I want to try out.

        It's like anything, though, your body will adjust and after a few weeks it will be as easy as anything else you spend a few hours a day doing. Or you look down so your hands don't have to work up high. In fact, these could be perfect when you a re lying face-down on a massage table.


      This is a nice tech demo to show how far VR tech has come in the past 20 years. But anyone that does 3D models as their daily job would be able to do what they have show in the video with a tablet and keyboard in a matter of seconds.

      The ergonomics just seem wrong. It's like touch screen laptops. Most people seem to use them a lot when they first get it but after not too long simply revert back to using keyboard and trackpad.

        Right, you could do this at your desk with a different set of peripherals. With this headset you could get the same work done lounging on your sofa or lying in bed or even sitting out enjoying the evening breeze in you back yard.

        I disagree on touchscreen laptops. I find I use my touchscreen far more now than I did when I bought the machine last year. It works especially well with the touchpad, rather than instead of it.

        The ergonomics will always be a problem....
        The impressive thing here is how well it works, how well the voice commands work and the accuracy of her movements

    I like the idea but this model wold be so much faster to build using a keyboard with shortcuts and a mouse.

      Maybe if that's what you are used to but imagine which would be easier to teach to a new student, one who has used nothing but touch screens their entire life.

        People always try to see how this new tech would fit into their lives or replace exiting technology.... it doesn't have to do that.
        It would be amazing for medical imaging, as an educational tool, all sorts of non standard applications...
        I don't think anyone is actually expecting serious engineers to use this for CAD design or everyday people using it to browse the web. At least not at this early stage.

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