Got $US120,000? Start 2015 With A 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra 427

A good portion of my teenage years spent bouncing through corners in a Dodge Viper in Gran Turismo has given me an appreciation for American muscle cars. It's unlikely I'll own one in my lifetime, but I can still look at pictures, like these of Shelby's upcoming 50th Anniversary Cobra 427 and get all googly-eyed.

Of course, I'll promptly faint after checking out the price tag — $US179,995 to be exact — but with a polished aluminium body and a limited run of 50 vehicles, you can understand why it costs a premium. Note that his price doesn't include the engine or transmission, so you could opt for the cheaper fibreglass version for $US119,995, leaving you with some coin to add the moving parts.

If the silver look isn't your style, the Cobra also comes in blue with racing stripes — my preferred configuration. Other than the anniversary edition visual embellishments, there's nothing particularly different about the vehicle, compared to a standard model.

On the off chance you do want to buy one, hit up Shelby on Wednesday next week with your oodles of dollars ready. If this doesn't sound like you, well, here are some more pictures to soothe your soul.

[Shelby, via Uncrate]

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