Could The Kool-Aid Man Really Survive Crashing Through A Brick Wall?

It's a question that every kid has kept in the back of their minds since first seeing that giant jug of sugary liquid come bursting through a wall on those Kool-Aid commercials: could the Kool-Aid Man really survive such an 0ver-the-top entrance? So Vsauce3 has finally taken the time to break down the science and answer that question once and for all.

With all that Kool-Aid inside him, the six-foot tall Kool-Aid man would weigh roughly equivalent to an adult elephant. So even at a gentle pace he would most definitely build up enough momentum to easily smash through a solid brick wall. The real question, though, is would he survive. That giant gaping hole on this head would let in tons of dangerous debris, and the ordeal would surely lead his glass body full of stress fractures that would further splinter over time.

So could the Kool-Aid Man actually break through a wall? Most definitely. But should he? Unless he's actually made of laminated bullet-proof glass, it's probably time for him to just start using the front door. [YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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