Civilisation V’s Aussie Mod Now Has A Fully-Realised Henry Parkes, And It’s Awesome

Civilisation V’s Aussie Mod Now Has A Fully-Realised Henry Parkes, And It’s Awesome

If you’re a Civ player, you may remember that last year an enterprising Steam modder created an Australian mod which added our great nation into the game. Now, a year later, fearless leader Henry Parkes finally has a voice.

Redditor TPangolin posted his creation yesterday in celebration of Australia Day.

The developer said that it has taken a while to realise the 3D model of Henry Parkes, but hopes it inspires others.

“Making custom 3D leaders in Civilization V have been notoriously difficult, and it’s only within the past year that we’ve actually figured out how to do it. It’s hoped that by releasing this leaderscreen, it will encourage others to come to the Civilization V modding scene to take a stab at creating their own leaderheads,” he wrote.

The update was pushed live yesterday, and includes some other great traits unique to the Australian Civilisation.

Here are some of the other features that were added with the update:

Boundless Plains to Share: Settlers found Puppeted cities that generate +1 Tourism. +1 Tourism for each outgoing Naval Trade Route. Cities that generate +2 Tourism or more expand Cultural Borders twice as fast.
Prime Minister: This Australian unique Great Person replaces the Great Writer. It provides political quotes as Great Works of Writing and when it is acquired all non-puppeted coastal cities receive +1 Tourism per owned land tile outside workable limits.
Digger Infantry: The Digger is an Australian unique unit, replacing the Great War Infantry. It receives bonuses in coastal territory and foreign territory, as well as the Cover I promotion. This unit may be upgraded from Workers and upgrades to Mechanized Infantry, and does not obsolete at Plastics.

You can go download Colonialist Legacies right now from Steam.