Awesome GIFs Of Our Insides Made By GE’s Superfast New CT Scanner 

Awesome GIFs Of Our Insides Made By GE’s Superfast New CT Scanner 

In September, Florida’s West Kendall Baptist Hospital got a very cool (and very important) new tool: The very first designed by scientists at GE. The team at West Kendall just wrapped up a study of the machine — and the images and GIFs that resulted are wild.

The last time we wrote about the body scanner, it was to explain how it manages to outpace traditional CT scanners. Unlike conventional machines, GE’s new Revolution CT uses something along the lines of an image stabiliser — a bit like the one on any compact camera — to correct for movement within the body during the scan. As Andy Tarantola explained at the time, Revolution’s not only able to scan faster, but it’s able to scan far more accurately, capturing crystal-clear images of, uh, jumpy organs like the heart.

An image of the abdomen and the aorta.

“The advanced design definitely makes for a less intimidating, more comfortable patient experience, while yielding amazingly accurate and detailed images,” says the CEO of West Kendall, the Revolution’s first test hospital. On the tail of their study of the machine, West Kendall and GE have released some of the images it produced, ranging from an ankle to a heart to the actual structure of blood vessels inside the brain. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that these scans look more like 3D animations from a medical show than real, honest-to-god images generated from human bodies. Check ’em out. [GE]

An image of the human heart with stents typically used to treat narrow or weak arteries.

A foot reinforced with screws.

The Circle of Willis, which represents the blood flow through the brain.