An Exhaustive Guide To Fake Will Ferrell Twitter Accounts

An Exhaustive Guide To Fake Will Ferrell Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a mess, but parody account Twitter is a social networking hellscape unto itself. Between the Black Stewie Griffins and Pharrell’s hats is a black hole as old as time, pulling all of #teamfollowback into its gaping maw. I’m talking, of course, about the Will Ferrell accounts.

Of all the parody twitter account flavours out there — and there are M A N Y — Will Ferrell is probably the most numerous and definitely the most pervasive. Do a quick search; I bet you know someone following one of these damned things if you don’t follow one yourself. Some of these accounts proclaim to be real, others are more honest about their name-hijacking, but all of them are fucking terrible, and none of them have anything to do with Will Ferrell because Will Ferrell, of course, is not on Twitter all.

But in this chaos, a structure exists. One cannot classify Will Ferrell accounts by content, for they are all terrible. Not by display name or avatar for they all share similar, shoddy camouflage. But Twitter handles — the proper @YourNameHere — are different. These are limited real-estate. There can only be one @WillFerrell, one @Will_Ferrell, and so on. These user names form the battleground on which hundreds if not thousands of Will Ferrell accounts vie for purchase, where every parodist must find a foothold, or die.


The ur-handle, the properly spelled @WillFerrell, is a tweetless egg-avatared account with 12.2K followers and no signs of life.

But fortunately the name Will Ferrell — with its ‘rr’ and its ‘ll’ plus a leading ‘e’ that could very well be an ‘a’ — is easily misspelled. (I had to look it up before I wrote this post, tbh). Accounts that exploit this fact, almost always in concert with a proper “Will Ferrell” display name, form the largest contingent of bogus accounts. And no wonder; it’s like walking into followers.

See @willferell; 10,000 followers with just a single (masterful) tweet.

Meanwhile, @willferrel; nearly 1.5k without so much as a peep.

And it gets worse. Thanks to Twitter’s sans-sarif font, a lowercase l looks like a capital I. @WiIIFerrelI (aka @wiiiferreli) uses this trick to the tune of ~430k followers. The alarmingly similar @WillFerreI (aka @willferrei) to the tune of ~421k.


As well as dozens more. Enough permutations to make your head spin at the mere thought and I assure you they all exist for they are legion.


William’s a fairly versatile name, and you’ll find all variations of it in the army of accounts, with and without the aforementioned spelling trickery.

There are “Willy”s:

And “William”s:

The variations seem to end there, with few to no “Bill”s “Billy”s or “Liam”s, effectively proving that a Will Ferrell parody account maker’s only limitation is creativity.

Name flippers

Take any of these previously discussed names, and just swap the first letters around. Funny, right? Apparently; that’s the trick behind the leading Will Ferrell account, @FillWerrell, with its 2.5 million followers.

Behind it follow dozens, if not hundreds of less successful imitators

And when that well runs dry, simply flip the names entirely, like entries in a telephone book from hell.

Or just give up all together, like
@FillFerrell here:


This is the last tool on hand for the purist, he who would not pollute the handle with any additional words or — god forbid — numbers. That this is a well-used tool of the parodist is no surprise. What is a surprise is how far they go with it.

In the middle:

Or leading:

Or trailing:

Or leading and trailing:

In every conceivable space, flanking the name like little demon wings:

I both shudder and thrill at the thought of legal Twitter handles that incorporate asterisks or tildes:

Be still my masochistic heart.

The numberers

These, my friends, are the lowest of the low. Unremarkable but necessary to mention. Let us be brief.

And so on and so forth.


Once we get adjectives into the mix, the river of Will Ferrell handles floods out into an inconceivable ocean so rapidly that its boundaries are difficult to fathom. Only by clinging to the most popular trends can one keep one’s head above the raging surf.

There are, of course, those that proclaim their authenticity, the “Real” Will Ferrells:

And those that disclose their falsehood, pretending to the lie that perhaps Law exists on Twitter:

And those that do both at once:

Which is to say nothing of the accounts that actively and self-consciously point to the fact that, yes, they are funny:

Or crazy:

Or just LOL:

The alternate personas

When straight-up mimicking Will Ferrell fails, there are other angles to take than mere impersonation. Endeavouring parodists — who are also, coincidentally some of the worst — find an angle. A take. Will Ferrell becomes the adjective, elevating ordinary shit to shit with a name you can recognise.

Consider the regal King Will Ferrell, with the utterly nonsensical handle @The_Ifunny_King but appropriate avatar that really ties the whole mess together:

There’s also:

But most importantly, there is my favourite Will Ferrell Twitter, @Pimpwillly, which does not actually tweet about prostitution or pimping and is wholly unremarkable but for the following poetic and simple bio:

All the other garbage everything is garbage

The rest? It’s garbage. I mean it’s all garbage but this is the most garbagey garbage. Unused accounts. Nonsensical handles. Jumbled trash tweets full of garbage words. How did I get here? What is going on? Please send help.

And this? This is the future. As the endless drone of time screams on and babbling twitterati spit in the face of the internet’s most sage advice, the red-shifting twitterverse will slam up against the boundaries of a limited handlescape. These jumbles of chaos will be all that’s left, all that is.

I am registering @fuknyw1lllllf3reIIl for my great grand-children. What else am I supposed to do?

Methodology and Appendix:

My first method for compiling a list of Will Ferrell accounts was to just search “Will Ferrell” with Twitter search and copy and paste entries selectively, based on whether accounts appeared to be actively impersonating Mr. Ferrell, or just some tween who though it might make for a funny display name.

It was only after some 200 or so entries that I began to see the folly of my hubris, thanks in part to the existence of accounts with a misspelled display name, or a handle the did not reference Mr. Ferrell at all, or both. To check myself (before I wrecked myself) I had Ashley find accounts by her own means and then checked them against my list; Roughly one in four she found was missing.

Then, I found this wonderful and sketchy website that offers a more robust Twitter search, and devised the following (batshit insane) search query to return as many Will Ferrell-related accounts as possible, within reason:

“will ferrell”|”will ferrel”|”will ferell”|”will ferel”|”will farrell”|”will farrel”|”will farell”|”will farel”|”fill werrell”|”fill werrel”|”fill werell”|”fill werel”|”fill warrell”|”fill warrel”|”fill warell”|”fill warel”

Here is what that returns.

From there, I gave the bastards my credit card (oh I should go cancel that free trial) for the privilege of downloading the ~500 results in the form of a .CSV file. From there I arduously (and sloppily) removed entries that appeared to be “just some guy” based on bio and avatar.

The whole shebang was only 500 long and I’m not sure if that’s a limit of the search engine or not. Either way, the bottom of the list starts pulling in zero-follower accounts so that’s where the wasteland begins anyway. Unfortunately, I know this list to be non-exhaustive, due to the fact that a parody account Ashley started the other day (@WillFerrell_LOL Excuse me, @LOL_WillFerrell) is not included. But fuck it; I mean what do you want from me?

The following is that list, ranked in order of number of followers. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

FillWerrell Fill Werrell 2,495,655
itsWillyFerrell Not Will Ferrell 1,763,404
WiIIFerrelI Will Ferrell 435,052
WillyFerrell Will Ferrell 428,354
LegitWillFerrel Will Ferrell 428,077
WillFerreI Will Ferrell 418,388
WillFerrall Will Ferrell 300,383
Will_FerreII Will Ferrell 277,264
FillWerreI Will Ferrell Parody 140,478
Will___Ferrell Will Ferrell 129,772
FerrellWilly_ Not Will Ferrell 52,882
ReaIWilIFerreII Will Ferrell 49,976
imnoWillFerrell Will Ferrell 48,920
itswillferrel_ Will Ferrell Parody 44,181
WilllFerrell Will Ferrell 38,787
FillWarrell Will Ferrell 37,448
Ferrellsnotes Will Ferrell 33,264
Willy_Ferrell_ Will Ferrell Humour 29,152
FiIlWerrelI Fill Werrell 25,052
ItsWillyFerrel Not Will Ferrell 23,862
willferrel1 Will Ferrell 22,684
FillFerrell Will Ferrell 22,402
willferrell67 Will Ferrell 22,294
OfficialWilllF Will Ferrell 22,173
WillFerelll Will Ferrell 19,977
ItsFillWerrell Fill Werrell 14,872
itsFerrellWilly Fill Werrell 14,532
WillFerrell Will Ferrell 12,218
WillFerrellMind Will Ferrell 11,114
FillWerrelI Fill Werrell 11,477
iWiIIyFerreII Will Ferrell 10,882
trillfarrell Will Farrell 10,507
willferell Will Ferrell 10,142
NotFillWerrall Will Ferrell 7,891
the_WillFerrell Will Ferrell 7,060
FarellWill will farell 6,830
FillWerell Fill Werrell Parody 6,747
_WillFerral Will Ferrel Parody 5,594
WillyFerrell_ Will Ferrell 5,436
TheWillFerrell Will Ferrell 5,197
FilWerell Fill Werell 5,067
WillFarrelFan Will Farrell Parody 5,048
NotWillFerrell Will Ferrell 4,569
FilllWerrell Fill Werrell 3,245
NotWillFarrell not will ferrell 3,068
WeWillFerrell Will Ferrell Parody 2,739
ItsWillyFerell Will Ferrell 2,455
WillFerrellFake Will Ferrell 2,337
fillwerrel_ fill werrel parody 1 2,136
FerrellWill Will Ferrell 2,105
WillTheElf Will Ferrell 2,036
lWillFerrell Will Ferrell 1,947
ferrelwill31 Will ferrell 1,660
WillFerelParody will ferrel 1,560
TheWillFarrell Will Farrell 1,444
Pimpwillly Will Ferrell 1,354
WillFerrellQ Will Ferrell Quotes 1,348
willthetank Will Ferrell 1,182
WiII___Ferrell Will Ferrell’s Twin 1,024
ItsWillFerrell Will Ferrell 1,014
JohnWFerrell Will Ferrell 930
Real_WillFerrel Will Ferrel 908
WillFerrell194 Will Ferrell 857
itsWillyFerrll Not Will Ferrell 811
FunnyFerrellLOL Will Ferrell Parody 800
WillFerreII_ Will Ferrell 795
mclovin_bishes will ferrell parody 742
itsWillFerreIl Will Ferrell 690
TheBigBlow Will Ferrell 681
ChichiWill Not Will Ferrell 656
BillWerrel Will Ferrel 595
Notwillyferrell Will Ferrell 582
taterxtwat will ferrell’s wife 564
williamferrell Will Ferrell 558
willqeoy Not Will Ferrell 551
Willlferrel Fill Werrell 542
WillFerrell7 Will Ferrell 531
ladiesman5235 Will Ferrell 517
filly_will Will Ferrell 508
wferrell23 Will Ferrell 491
FillyWerrell NOT will ferrell 472
WillFarrell1996 Will Farrell 471
RobJr3 Will☆Ferrell™ 462
WillMyFerrell Will Ferrell Quotes 451
Will_Ferrel Will Ferrel 447
willferrell11 will ferrell 445
WillFerrellSNL Will Ferrell 422
notWill_Ferrell not Will Ferrell 410
NotWillFerrel_ Will Ferrell 400
Wfarrell21 Will Farrell 397
will_ferral Will Ferrell 376
WilliamFerrel Will Ferrel 352
FerrellThoughts Will Ferrell 350
The_Ifunny_King King Will Ferrell 348
iWilliamFerrell Will Ferrel 340
Will_Ferrrell Will Ferrell Parody 331
uwillgcqu Will Ferrell 331
FillWerreIl Fill Werrell 325
WillWearAll Will Ferrell Parodys 308
fillwerrell420 will ferrell 289
Will_Not_Ferell Not Will Ferrell 276
WillFerreIII Will Ferrell 275
aDailyLoL Will Ferrell 273
Fill_Werrell_ Will Ferrel Parody 267
WillFParody Will Ferrell 266
doctor_whoaa Will Ferrell 260
werrel_fill Fill Werrel parody 251
thebestofwill best of will ferrell 251
WillyFerrrell Will Ferrell 241
willy_ferrell Will Ferrell 233
_Fillwerrell_ Will Ferrell™ 226
TheNameWasWill Fill Warrell 221
1WillFerrel Will Ferrell Parody 219
wi11_ferre11 Actual Will Ferrell 217
FakeWillFerrell Will Ferrell 205
itsFerrellWill Will Ferrell 204
notwillferrel1 will ferrell 203
NotTheRealWilly Will Ferrell 195
bigwillyferrell Will Ferrell Parody 194
illWilllll Will Ferrel 190
Not_WillFerrel1 Will Ferrel 189
willisfarrell will farrell 180
W_Ferrellquotes Will Ferrell 178
Fill__Werrelll Will Ferrell 176
WiIlFerrell Will Ferrell 173
WillFarrell96 Will Farrell 166
wil_ferrel Will Ferrel 163
iWillyFerrells Will Ferrell 162
WillWilligb Will Ferrel Parody 160
WillFer70558815 Will Ferrell 156
Its_WillFerrel Will Ferrel 155
williamfarrell Will Farrell 145
WilliamHFarrell Will Farrell 135
RealWilllFerrel Will Ferrell Parody 131
FillerWerrel Will Ferrel Parody 121
ItzBrennanDale Will Ferrell 120
will_farrelswag will farrel parody 118
willieboy2000 will farrell 117
Bret_Dodson Fill Werrell 115
ItzWillFerrel Not Will Ferrel 115
Ferrell_William Will Ferrell 113
WillFerell1675 Will Ferell 112
ferrellwill123 Will ferrell parody 112
Werrell_Fill Will Ferrell Parody 110
WeirdFerrell Fill Werrell 109
SoWillFerrell So Will Ferrell 108
LeeArmstrong21 Will Ferrell 104
Will_Ferrl Will Ferrell 100
cuteattacks Will Ferrell 98
rwillel Will Ferrell Parody 94
The_StepBrother Will Ferrel 93
Diabetic_Legend Will Ferrell 92
its_not_will Will Ferrell 83
WerrelFill Fill Werrel 82
filly_werrel will ferrel 82
Comedy_Will Will Ferrell 82
TheWillFerrell_ will ferrell 78
Ferrell7720 Will Ferrell 76
WillyFerrelll Will Farrell! 71
NotWillyWill Will Ferrell 71
ItsWiIIferrelI Not Will Ferrell 71
willferrelled Will Ferrell 70
WillSNLFerrell Will Ferrell 68
WillFerrellQts Will Ferrell Quotes 67
Chaoswill Will Farrell 64
realWillFerral Will Ferrell 64
Its_FillWerrell Will Ferrell Parody 64
willferrellines Will Ferrell Lines 60
Will_Ferrelll Will Ferrell 55
ReaIWill Will ferrell 54
WillEFarrell Will Farrell 52
WillFerrell98 Will Ferrell 52
WillFerrell_fr Frenchy Will Ferrell 52
ItswillyWill Will Ferrel 51
WillFaz Will Farrell 50
willdathrillOB Will Farrell 49
RealFerrellWill Will Ferrel™ 48
willyferrell4 Will Ferrell Quotes 48
WillFerrelQuote Will Ferrell 43
WillsParody Will Ferrell 43
WillFerrellPics Will Ferrell Funnies 43
WillFerrell0 Will ferrell 43
WarelFill Will Farrell 40
ferrelmeme Will Ferrel 40
Itswillferrell_ Not Will ferrell 40
bucketofbacon99 Will Ferrel Parody 39
WillFerrellQs Will Ferrell Quotes 39
ParodyFerrell Will Ferrell Parody 38
TheCofffeman Not Will Ferrell 38
will_ferrell16 Will Ferrell 38
WillFerrell001 Will Ferrell 36
ferrelwill69 Will Ferrell 36
FillParody Fill Werrel Parody 35
I_AmWillFerrell Will Ferrell 35
Will_Ferrell777 Will Ferrell 34
omgWillFerrell Will Ferrell 34
f5isthestig Will Farrell 34
WillFarell1 Will Farell 33
Will_N_Farrell Will Farrell 33
K00lFACTS Will Ferell 32
WillFerrellPost Will Ferrell 32
Ferrel_William Will Ferrell Parody 32
ghandiafro Josh will Ferrel 30
willferrell9 will ferrell 30
WillUFerrellMe Will Ferrell 30
FlappyAnchorman Flying Will Ferrell 30
madison_0416 not will ferrell…. 30
WillFerrell_xD Will Ferrell wannabe 29
AintWillFerrell Aint Will Ferrell 28
Kash_Matt Fill Werrell 28
fillwerrel1 will ferrel 27
WillFerrellLike Will Ferrel Parody 27
Wi1lFerrell Will Ferrell 27
WillFerrellParo Will Ferrell 26
Not_FillWarell Will Farrell 26
WillFerrellHulk Will Ferrell Hulk 25
WillFerrel9876 Will Ferrel 25
WiLlFaRLE will ferrel 25
Willferrellll Will Ferrell 24
Will____Ferrel Will Ferrel 24
WillFerrellStuf Will Ferrell 24
WillFerrell1967 Will Ferrell 23
WillFerrell343 Will Ferrell 23
RealWillFerrel Will Ferrell 23
WillllFerrell Will Ferrell 22
WillyFerrll Will Ferell 22
WillFerrel__ Will Ferrell 22
WillFarrel182 Will Farrell 22
bigtimerush132 Will Ferrell Parody 21
ferrelltheking Fill Werrell 21
just4laughs11 Will Ferrell Parody 21
willy_ferrel_ Will Ferrell 21
98Fill Fill werrell 21
WillFerrellIV Will Ferrell IV 21
WilliamFerell Will Ferrell 21
_Will_Ferrell_ Will Ferrell 20
WillFerrell93 Will Ferrell 20
2FUNNY_TWEETS will ferrell 20
WillFerrelBase Will Ferrell 19
Willferrelfake Will Ferrell Parody 19
Willfunnyguy Will Ferrell 19
ItsWillFerreII Will Ferrell 19
SoNotFerrell Not Fill Werrell 19
FillWerrel01 Will Ferrel 18
willyferrell01 Will Ferrell 18
will_1_ferrell_ will ferrell 18
Willy_Ferrel Will Ferrel 17
CannonCartier Will Ferrel Parody 17
will_snl Will Ferrell SNL 17
Wil_Ferell Will Ferrell 17
anchorman54 will ferrel 17
andrewkhatliuo Fill Werrell 17
WillFerrelsMom Will Ferrels Mum 16
Sexywillferrell Will Ferrell Parody 16
WillFerrellArmy Will Ferrell 16
WillvFerrell Will Ferrell 16
WillyFerralll Will Ferrell 16
wferrellparody Will Ferrell 15
WillFerrel7 Will Ferrel 15
FillWerrel68 Fill Werrel 15
itsWiIlyFerrell Not Will Ferrell 15
Willis16 Will Farrell 14
WillyFerrelJoke will ferrel 14
WillyBigShot Will Ferrell 14
WillFerrel9 Will Ferrell 14
willfarelparody will Farrell parody 14
ferel_wil Will Ferrell 14
WiIIFerreII will ferrell 13
WillFerrellWF Will Ferrell 13
WillFarrell8 Will Farrell 13
itsWillyFerrelI Not Will Ferrell 13
Hi_its_Liammm WILL FERRELL 12
FillWerrel69 Almost Will Ferrel 12
will_ferrell_jk Will Ferrell 12
willFerell4 will Ferell 12
Willferrrellll Will ferrell 12
MarcoCoiro Fill Werrell 12
PhilWerrel2 Fill Werrel (LSC) 12
ThaWillFerrell Will Ferrell 11
willferrell13 will ferrell 11
1_ferrell_Will Will ferrell 11
lankyclan will ferell 11
iFunny_King_ Fill Werrel 11
ifunny_________ fill werrel 11
LordcalvertZach nots will ferrel 10
_ferrel_will Will Ferrel 10
ItzWillFerrelll Will Ferrell 10
notwillferrel4 Will Ferrell 10
WillFerrell01 Will Ferrell 9
loveandwar616 Will Ferrell 9
TheWill_Ferrell Will Ferrell 9
FillWerrel3 Fill Werrel 9
McFerrell_ Will Ferrell 9
Planes107Irwin Will Ferrell 9
WillFerrell66 will ferrell 9
BBQgoldfish Not Will Ferrell 9
mcwillyfryman Almost will ferrell 9
GoodNameEH Will Ferrell 9
WiIIFerrell Will Ferrell 8
Farrellracing Will Farrell 8
NotWillFerrell0 Not Will Ferrell 8
WillFerrellNOT Will Ferrell 8
tzvikim1994 Follow @ Fill werrel 8
itsWiIIyFerreII Will Ferrell 8
ImWillyFerrel Will Ferrell 8
WiIIWerreII Will Ferrell 8
WILL_THE_FERREL will ferrell parody 8
Itswillferrelya Will ferrel 8
worldofpanda Will Ferrèll 7
follow_ferrel follow will ferrel 7
FerrellForReal Will Ferrell 7
Will_Farrell_ Will Farrell 7
RoshInfy Anti Will Ferrell 7
WillFerrelKing Will Ferrell 7
2Ferrel will ferrel 2 7
WerrellsQuotes Fill Werrell 7
ItsWillFerrell5 Its Not Will Ferrell 7
listentowill Almost Will Ferrell 7
willferrellluvu Will Ferrell 7
WillFerrelParo3 Will Ferrel Parody 7
itewillferrell Will Ferrell 7
TRealWillFerrel Will Ferrel 7
FarraWill Will Ferrell 7
illwill0420 will ferrell 6
WillFerrellRon Will Ferrell 6
yoshiZzZzZz Maybe Will Ferrell 6
WiII_Ferrell Will Ferrell 6
ParodyWerrel Fill Werrel Parody 6
LOLWillFerrell Will Ferrell 6
WillFer123 Will Ferrell 6
Connorstuart12 Will ferrel 6
JohnWillFerrel Will Ferrell 6
realywillFerrel Will Ferrel 6
itwillferall not will ferrell 6
willmrferrell will ferrell 6
WillFerralSpoof Will Ferrell 6
Will_T_Farrell Will Farrell 5
ferrelltweets will ferrell tweets 5
FiIIWerrelI Will Ferrell Parody 5
_Will_Ferrel_ Will Ferrel 5
FerrellNotWill Not Will Ferrell Its 5
fakeferrell Will Ferrell Parody 5
sexierthanwill Will Ferrell (not) 5
young_ferrell Young Will Ferell 5
ferrellywill Will Ferrell 5
Will_Ferrel__ Will Ferrell 5
Ferrel_Quotes Will Ferrell Quotes 5
WillFerrellthe1 Will Ferrel Parody 5
Ferrellwillllly Will Ferrell 5
Willis_Ferrel Will Ferrel 5
will_ferrel123 will farrel 5
Detective_Allen Will Ferrell 5
WillyMerrel Will Ferrel 5
HenrickSedin Fill Werrel 4
WillFerrell130 Will Ferrell 4
bill_ferrel Will Ferrel 4
WillFerrelColne Will Ferrel 4
almostwilferrel Will Ferrel 4
logan99187781 Will ferrel 2.0 4
Willferrel_fan Will Ferrel Fan 4
willghsidu_will will ferrel parody 4
will_ferrell_01 Will Ferrell 4
SandlerParod Will Ferrell 4
imwillfarrell will ferrell 4
FWerald Fill Werell 4
wizz_billy Will Farrell 3
WillFarrell4 Will Farrell 3
fJstejwuq Will Ferrell 3
willfer57951456 will ferrell 3
Zdard321Will will ferrel 3
DonkeyFerrel will ferrel 3
WillFarrell7 Will Farrell 3
_willy_ferrell Will Ferrell 3
WillTotally totally will ferrell 3
will_ferrll will ferell 3
LegitimateWill Will Ferrel 3
fillwerrellp Fill Werrell 3
Willl_Ferrell Will Ferrell 3
iwasboredsooooo Fill Werrel 3
fererel Will Ferrel 3
WillFerrell_56 Will Ferrell 3
Im_will_farrel Will farrel 3
WeWillFerrell_ Will Ferrell Parody 3
Will_Ferrell22 Will Ferrell 3
WillFerrel508 Will Ferrel 3
ILiveWillFerrel Will Ferrel 2
jack_links_beef Will Ferrel 2
willferrellfan2 will ferrell fans 2
Wills_Ferrell Will Ferrell 2
xdt61y27j1 Will Farrell 2
jocey04 Will ferrel 2
jcestrada75 will ferrel 2
WillWferrell Will Ferrell 2
WiIlFarrell Will Farrell 2
Jim_cary_funny Will ferrel comedy 2
mmansour347 will ferrell 2
Naturegirl1S Will Ferrel 2
seniorfancy will ferrel 2
not_fwerrel Not fill werrel 2
Farrel_Sangian Will Farrel S 2
WillFerrelParty Will Ferrel 2
itbewillyferrel not will ferrell 2
NotWillFerrell5 Will Ferrell 2
WillFer07949337 Will Ferrell 2
BigbirdFerrell Will Ferrell 2
WillFarrell3 Will Farrell 1
nbdnova i Will Ferrell 1
FillGuy Fill Werrel 1
isitwillyferrel Will Ferrel 1
FarrelWilly Will Ferrel 1
JTownBeast Fill Werrel 1
xgrimreapers Will Farrel 1
LoL_TweetZz Will Ferrell Comedy 1
ryanwarrski Fill Werrel 1
gamegod86 will ferrell 1
ParisceF Will ferrel 1
WillKSF Will Farrell 1
artlv2 Will Ferrell 1
fill_werrell___ Will Ferrell 1
Dhdiogekkvkf Will Ferrel 1
littlesmoke274 Fill Warrel 1
ThatWillFerrel Will ferrel 1
calepenn fill werrell 1
fwillarrel fill warrel 1
Williamferrel1 Will Ferrell 1
ferrel_1234 not will ferrel 1234 1
Master_Ferrel Will Ferrell 1
WillFer89067072 Will Ferrel 1
ImTotallyWill Will Ferrel 1
ozzythewinrar Will Ferrel 1
wferrell4 Will Ferrell 1
willferrelpar Will Ferrel 1
Mcd001Nick Will Ferrell 1
motherofferrel will ferrel’s mother 1
gillianerom Fill Werrell 1
whyyoudothisoma Not Will Ferrel 1
willlfarrell will farrell 0
tacticalman95 Will Ferrel 0
WillFer72355297 Will Ferrell 0
ifunnys_leader Will Ferrel 0
WillFarrell10 Will Farrell 0
jswagggggggg Will ferrell 0
WillFarrell123 Will Farrell 0
next_will next will ferrel 0
willferrell2013 Will Ferrell 0
WillFerrellKid Will Ferrell 0
ferrell_gma Will Ferrell 0
yossim123 Follow @ will ferrel 0
GeorgeWilFerrel George Will Ferrel 0

Picture: Tara Jacoby