Wear Any City You Like With Custom-Printed Map Clothing 

Wear Any City You Like With Custom-Printed Map Clothing

The appeal of maps lies in just how personal they can be. Your childhood street, your first big city apartment, your first house — these are all places we look back on with irrational fondness. There are plenty of stylish maps for your wall, but Monochrome lets you custom-print your favourite place onto tanks, t-shirts and skirts. Show off your 'hood whenever you go.

Monochome's custom-printed map clothing pulls data from OpenStreetMap. Pick your location, and then pick one of two styles: a dark grey street map or a black on white building density map. It's pretty easy to find places to screenprint anything onto a t-shirt these days, but Monochome's designs have some real uniqueness and flair. The current articles of clothing — a tank top, t-shirt, pencil skirt and flare skirt — are aimed at women, but designer Rachel Binx has said men's styles are coming soon.

Meanwhile, if you're eyeing these for a holiday present, Monochome's website says to make sure you put your orders in this week. Prices start at $US45. [Monochome]

Picture: Monochome

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