Watch NASA’s Orion Launch Video

Watch NASA’s Orion Launch Video

Following an unsuccessful attempt, NASA launched its Orion spacecraft and you can watch it right here. Orion finished its successful test flight and its unmanned capsule splashed down in the Pacific. Tune in below!

(Note: if the video above fails, then you can always watch it over on the NASA site.)

NASA’s Orion spacecraft is arguably the most advanced spacecraft ever constructed. If it successfully manages to launch from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida then subsequently re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, we could soon see it carrying astronauts to the moon, Mars — and perhaps even beyond.

11.29am EST: Splashdown confirmed! Our baby is back, stable and upright.

11.27am EST: The parachutes are out!

11.17am EST: Orion is finishing its orbit and is beginning re-entry, a process that will take about 9 stressful minutes.

7.55am EST: You can watch the entire launch again in the video below.

7.25am EST: 18 minutes in, the second engine was cut off successfully. It will be fired again in about 90 minutes.

7.16am EST: You can watch live views from Orion’s cameras here.

7.14am EST: Orion is now in orbit.

7.13am EST: So far, everything is going to plan!

7.09am EST: Boosters have separated.

7.05am EST: Orion has taken off!

7.03am EST: All the Orion launch teams have given a “GO” for liftoff at 7:05amET.

7.01am EST: Terminal countdown has started.

7am EST: The Orion launch director has gien permission to launch. Just four minutes now!

6.54am EST: Houston’s Mission control is poised!

6.49am ET: Orion has started the built in 15-minute hold. NASA will start the terminal countdown when that’s over.