Showing Off On Social Media Is A Stupid Game

Showing Off On Social Media Is A Stupid Game

If life was a video game right now, it’d be a pretty terrible one. That’s because it would just be levels of Facebooks and Twitters and Instagrams and social networks that would encourage us to pimp our lives for likes. And push us to hashbrag what we do. And to make sure the world sees our selfies. Team follow back. Gross.

Actually, we don’t even need a video game for that because life is already like that. Dissolve created this scathing video that exaggerates the idea of social media as a video game and it’s funny because it’s true: you get points for the things you post and your life bar depends on how many likes and followers you have.

And that’s totally how life today seems like sometimes. We didn’t actually do something unless Facebook saw it. Followers are more tangible than friendships. Experiences and adventures aren’t complete without capital-L likes. It’s sad because it’s true for so many people.

So screw it. Don’t play the video game that’s showing off on social media. Don’t slave over the follower count and like button. Just live your life and enjoy it while you can.

Dissolve writes:

What if the relentless pursuit of social media fame was a video game? This gameplay trailer lets you follow the action as four social media archetypes pursue likes, followers, and validation from their peers. In a world where Tweets, status updates, Instagram shots, and YouTube videos can make or break you, Likehunter tells it like it is.