Victoria Police: Don’t Post Selfies With Your Guns

Victoria Police: Don’t Post Selfies With Your Guns

If you’re a gun owner and Instagram addict, listen up. Victoria Police want you to think very carefully before posting a photo of yourself online with your firearms, saying that gun thieves are targeting careless owners via social media.

Victoria Police issued a warning yesterday that criminals have been trawling public social networks to identify where gun owners live, with a view to take advantage of careless storage practices and steal firearms.

“This behaviour is concerning,” said Senior Sergeant Andrew Armstrong from the Victoria Police Licensing and Regulation Division.

“Licence holders need to be responsible. Any public display of firearm ownership including stickers on vehicles or house windows can encourage unwanted attention from thieves.”

Victoria Police will be conducting inspections over the next few months to crack down on poor storage habits of owners. [Victoria Police]

Gunman image via Shutterstock