This Street Photographer’s Start-to-Finish Analogue Process Is A Rarity

The number of people who still shoot film is small. The number of people who shoot and develop their own film is smaller, and the number of people who then make their own prints in a darkroom is minuscule. Andre D. Wagner is one of the few. This video is a window into not only his process, but his approach to taking pictures on the streets.

These sorts of video portraits are kind of a dime-a-dozen, but I like this one for a few reasons. One is the aforementioned analogue workflow, especially on the printing side of things. Most people who shoot film scan their negatives and make digital prints. Really, the only way to maintain the truest integrity of the film image is to make a photochemical print. Also, as Wagner says, it’s an extremely rewarding (and addicting!) process.

But aside from the technical, Wagner seems to really have his feet under him in terms of having an approach to street photography. He talks clearly about what he looks to get out of photographing, how he interacts with his subjects, and what excites him about the medium. When it comes to the quality of his work, there’s an attention to form that makes his images stand out.

[via Leica Rumours]