This Is The Smartwatch Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2014

The votes are in. This is your smartwatch of the year for 2014.

Editor's Pick

Motorola Moto 360

Smartwatches are still very 1.0 in 2014. They don't quite meet up to the hyper-futuristic expectations we had for them. One smartwatch, however, rose above the others in 2014. Instead of following the square, boxy smartwatch trend, Motorola thought outside the box, and came up with a circular face. It's a brilliant device, and the best of the 1.0 smartwatches in 2014.

Reader's Choice

Pebble Steel

Congratulations to Pebble for the Steel: it's the Gizmodo Australia reader's smartwatch of choice this year! Who needs Android Wear anyways?

Thanks for voting, readers! Don't forget to vote in our other Gizmodo Awards categories to make sure your favourite gadget doesn't miss out!

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