This Device Lets You Shoot Fireballs From Your Hands

This Device Lets You Shoot Fireballs From Your Hands

The technological complexity of most amateur magic tricks often doesn’t develop past the “plastic-bag-inside-a-newspaper” level and that’s because beyond this point, both cost and difficulty quickly become limiting factors. If you’re happy to embrace the challenges, however, you can get some pretty neat stuff like, uh, plastic-coated playing cards. Only kidding — for less than $US200, you can launch fireballs from your hands.

The device that will let you accomplish this feat is called the “PYRO Fireshooter”, and is available from a US outfit called Ellusionist. It’s a small contraption that you strap to your wrist and load with nitrocellulose, otherwise known as flash cotton.

It can eject four fireballs before it needs reloading, which should get you through most tricks, unless you’re engaged in some sort of mock Dragonball Z-style combat. The PYRO is powered by a couple of AAAs and a 2032 battery. As for actually triggering it, this is done by a wireless remote control.

As with anything that creates fire, it comes with a heavy-duty disclaimer and while there is shipping to Australia, you might have some issues getting it past customs. There’s also the price of $US174 per unit, so you’ll need $US348 if you want to perfect your impression of Street Fighter’s Dhalsim.

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