There’s An Entire House Crammed Into This Tiny 98-Year-Old Boiler Room

There’s An Entire House Crammed Into This Tiny 98-Year-Old Boiler Room

There’s residential design, and then there’s jigsaw puzzle design. This elegant project by the San Francisco architect Christi Azevedo, who wedged a full guest house into a laundry and boiler room from 1916, falls somewhere in between the two.

Azevedo got her start building custom furniture, fabricating wood and steel pieces herself, which clearly gave her the chops necessary to build a project that required an immense amount of custom hardware. The red brick boiler room that she was commissioned to transform into a guest house, according to Dezeen, has a first floor area of only nine square metres.

With the dimensions of roughly 2.4m by 3.5m — the size of some people’s bathrooms — Azevedo was still able to fit everything necessary into the guest home by adding a second level, accessed by a beautiful steel-and-wood ship’s ladder.

On the mezzanine guests can access an extremely cosy-looking captain’s bed, which hides storage and lighting on hinges and is open to the bottom level but for metal railings.

The bathroom, you ask? According to the architect’s info, it’s only 270 square centimetres, and there’s even a tiny shower.

As incredible as it is that so much functionality made it into this tiny space, the really lovely part is all the custom fabrication and detailing that clearly went into it. Take a close look at the pictures; more thought was spent planning this tiny space than was probably spent on most full-size houses.

Pictures: Azevedo Design