Sony Kept Thousands Of Passwords In A Document Named ‘Password’

It’s been a rough week for Sony execs (million-dollar salaries notwithstanding). And things are only going to get worse. It would almost be enough to make you feel bad for the poor schmucks in IT — that is until you realise that the company hid its most sensitive password data under the label “Passwords”. Go ahead and slam your head against something hard. We’ll wait.

The second trove of data snuck out sometime yesterday, and it didn’t take long for Buzzfeed to stumble upon the “Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter usernames and passwords for major motion picture social accounts”, probably due to the fact that they were saved in a huge file called “Password”, which contained even more passwords called things like “Facebook login password”. So they would know that that was the password. Because who needs encryption or security or common sense or even the vaguest attempt at online safety learned on the first day of grade school.

Yep, “Password” should do just fine.

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