Sony Is Crowdfunding This $120 Smart Lock

Sony Is Crowdfunding This $US120 Smart Lock

Sony is getting a taste for experimentation. Having tried its hand at crowd-funding the e-ink concept watch, it's now attempting to do the same with the Qrio Smart Lock.

The lock, said to be the smallest of its kind, is a retrofittable piece of door furniture that allows users to open doors with their smartphone and share encrypted keys with other people via messaging apps. The device is being crowd-funded on Makuake, although it's hoped that the final production model would retail at ¥15,000 — or about $153. The Wall Street Journal reports that the crowd-funding initiative is a way for Sony to gain feedback about the project. Hopefully its' that rather than struggling to raise the funds, at any rate.

Obviously it's far from being the first smart lock, but it does sound like it should be reasonably priced. Although, given Sony's current demonstration of security savvy, you may want to hold off using one on your front door straight away. [Qrio Smart Lock via Wall Street Journal]

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