Shoelaces That Include Everything You Need To Start An Emergency Fire

Shoelaces That Include Everything You Need To Start an Emergency Fire

Unless you're trying to prove yourself on some ill-conceived reality survival show, it's always a good idea to bring some way to easily start a fire when you head off into the wilderness. But if things go awry, this simple set of shoelaces can be used to start a fire in the event of an emergency.

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Underneath each tip (or tag) of the shoelaces is a one-inch ferro rod protected by a waterproof rubber cap that can be struck with a metal knife to produce sparks hot enough to ignite your combustible tinder. Using the laces to start a fire isn't as easy as flicking a lighter, but when an emergency arises, they still seem like $US14 well spent to avoid a night spent freezing in the woods. [RattlerStrap via Dude I Want That]

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