Report: Twitter's Teaming Up With Foursquare To Improve Location Data

Report: Twitter's Teaming With Foursquare to Improve Location Data

Business Insider is reporting that Twitter is planning to team up with Foursquare in 2015, "adding a location layer to its platform" to make it more relevant and interesting for users.

Twitter currently lacks location savvy. Without some level of user involvement, it only knows where you are when you sign up and the location you list on your profile. This move, Business Insider suggests, could see Twitter knowing where each and every tweet originates from (though, presumably, that feature could be turned off by users if they wanted).

The report cites a "source familiar with the deal" who has explained that new geo-based features "could roll out as soon as the first quarter." Twitter has certainly been thinking about location a lot recently, recruiting staff with expertise in the area and mentioning the topic in recent presentations to analysts and investors.

How true the report is remains to be seen, but location data is certainly conspicuously absent from Twitter. If it takes teaming up with Foursquare to fix that, it will no doubt give it a try. [Business Insider]

Picture: Duncan Hull/Flickr

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