Last Minute Gift Ideas: All Our Christmas Gift Guides

Last Minute Gift Ideas: All Our Christmas Gift Guides

It’s Christmas Eve! Why haven’t you finished all your present shopping and wrapping yet?! If you’ve left it all to the last minute, here are all our guides on what to buy your geeky loved ones online. Just hope that the stores have express shipping.

5 Budget Gifts That Don’t Seem Cheap
Here are some budget-friendly options that will make people happy over the holidays without murdering your budget.

Cool New Windows And Android Slate Tablets
Not everything in the tablet space has to be an iPad: there’s fierce competition between a number of new low-cost Windows 8.1 tablets and their Android equivalents. Whether you’re giving a tablet to someone as a pure fun play, or with more productive aims in mind, there’s a little something for everyone this festive season.

Perfect Presents For The Geeky Girlfriend
Here’s a quick tip: the following gifts are easy: What game she wants, what comic series she’s reading, what she needs for a PC upgrade, what TV Series she’s longing to marathon. If you’re looking for something a little different, look no further than the following personal wishlist….er…I mean gift guide.

11 Lumbersexual Gifts For The Nostalgic Outdoorsman
Many new things suddenly look old again. Especially outdoors, where many brands have been resurrecting the simple designs and bold colours of the 1970s and 1980s and applied them to modern technology. Here’s 11 gifts that look old, but work like new.

The Best Geek Gifts
If you’re a regular Gizmodo reader, there’s a pretty good chance that you or somebody you know is a bit geeky. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the geekiest Christmas gifts that money can buy — from Westeros-shaped mini-dresses to Han ‘n’ Leia hand towels. There’s something for all ages and prices to suit every budget.

10 Gifts To Send A Space Fan Over The Moon
You have a space enthusiast in your family? Lucky you! There are tons of remarkable space gifts and collectible memorabilia out there you can surprise him or her with. The following 10 gift ideas may help you out when you need to choose the perfect present for your space fanboy/girl.

What Our Editors Want For Christmas
Editors like prezzies too. Here’s what’s on our Christmas lists this year.

9 Wild Gifts For Outdoors Men And Women
Got a wild man or woman in your life, or just someone you want to be able to bring along with you in the future? Here’s nine gifts that are tough enough for experts, but versatile enough for beginners.

10 Gifts Guaranteed To Win You Brownie Points With Your Girlfriend
Finding that perfect gift for your lady is no mean feat. It’s all about picking thoughtful gifts that are timeless and chic that she’ll love to unwrap. To keep things hassle free and to give us some stylish tips the editors over at our sister site ShopStyle have selected the top 10 gifts that are guaranteed to impress this festive season.

9 Pawsome Gifts For Dogs And The People Who Love Them
We’ve got a pretty sweet deal going with man’s best friend — we provide dogs with shelter and food, they provide us with unconditional love and loyalty. This Christmas, show your four-legged compatriot exactly how much you appreciate his companionship with these delightful doggie presents.

We have plenty more guides on our tag page, so if you’re still hard up for ideas, take a look.
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