Kim Dotcom May Have Just Saved Holiday Gaming

Infamous hacking group Lizard Squad has claimed credit for bringing down Xbox Live and PSN today with DDOS attacks, but Kim Dotcom may have just got them to cease and desist. I say "may" because there aren't many details yet, other than a few tweets.

Up until now, the Lizard Squad had been demanding 10,000 retweets to allow normal online gaming to be resumed. That is, until Dotcom joined the conversation.

Said conversation looks almost a little too planned and perfect, but all that's known so far is Dotcom can be seen talking to Lizard Squad and asking it to stop its attacks if offered 3,000 Lifetime accounts on Dotcom's encrypted upload service, Mega.

The whole thing makes Mega look quite the hero (or enabler, depending on your view of giving in to hackers), but it is of course possible that Dotcom is just one awesome dude — or perhaps simply has an eye for PR. He posted the following on his Twitter account.

The Lizard Squad is saying on Twitter there are residual effects of the DDOS attack, though it ceased fire hours ago. If you received an Xbox One or Playstation 4 for Christmas and haven't been able to get online yet, keep trying. Dotcom may have just saved the day.

Photo by Hannah Johnston

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    Thanks Kim.

    And Lizard squad, you're a bunch of #%^*ing scum. I hope you all die horrible, painful deaths. Every one of you.

    *Edit: Heh, I love the fact my F word was actually edited by Admin to 'snarfing'. Not complaining at all, it actually got a chuckle from me. Re-edited it to the symbols ;) *

    Last edited 26/12/14 4:55 pm

      Anyone else cant get online, or are lizard squad a mob of dogs that dont keep their word

    Yeah that's what you want to do, reward them. I wonder what kind of example this sets for future hackers.

      I wonder at what point they'll be able to track the pricks who do this properly and arrest them...

        probably already working on it. using twitter isnt the best thing for someone trying to remain anonymous, sure you can use proxy after proxy but they will sell you up the river if they have to.

        people need to stop giving the script kiddies any credit, a monkey can ddos a host. tbh, they probably had little to nothing to do with yesterday as the xmas holiday was bound to unravel due to legit traffic from the xmas noobs and the companies too cheap to have a buffer for server demands, regardless of what ms claims about 300k servers.

          Is the psn server down again..?

          A monkey can DDOS but it takes a lot of power to DDOS someone like sony or MS
          which means at some point they either have a LOT of members or they have some kind of hack power because they must have a bot army.

          So while they may be doing simple attacks it doesn't mean they do not have skills.

      Lizzie pricks makes no snarfing sense why do they would do some poopie like this if you can't find anything else to do in the reason for you to be snarfing around like this when I know anybody else asked you to snarfing poop up,you Australian think this poopiekins is funny.Lizzie wakka wakka chuckle it up you fniffs.Hopefully they'll get this poopiekins fixed but I'll tell you honestly I would love the met you sons of fniffs so I hack your mailbos up but I cannot. Snarf all you jim daddies.

        My god, this edited version was so funny to read lol.

          Funny tho context?! My head hurt

            Giz has started censoring swearwords, so at one point this was laden with crude words etc. Now it's been replaced by nonsense lol.

              Pretty sure lizard fags are at it again..

    Appease them maybe, but a boobytrapped gift is a long term investment- more hacking & Kim shuts down your secure storage

      And potentially has details to track them with...

    There is a reason you don't negotiate with hostage takers

    Usually, you spank naughty children - not reward them.

      This is the 21st century grandpa. Domestic abuse, and especially child abuse, is heavily frowned upon.

        That is why there are so many naughty children these days .

    When did this happen, and when is Thin Lizzy going to stop the DDOS? Because at the moment the PSN is still down for "maintenance".



    When did this start happening? I figured Giz was a R18 site, and if anything, Kokatu needed to keep things PG.

    Is it possible that he will eventually have their IP addresses if they slip up while using one of the accounts?

    At least he can revoke the Mega storage keys if more hacking occurs. :P

    Why are people thanking this guy? He's essentially said "if you want something, then hack more." You do not reward these kind of people. You seek them out and put them down.

    wouldnt dotcom be able to track where the vouchers are being activated from?
    smart tracking :D

    I still think that Kim Dotcom did this. We have no proof of who Lizard Squad is plus Kim Dotcom seems like the type of douche to crash a system illegally and then save the day to hopefully get enough gamers to tell the US government to stop legal action and threatening extradition from New Zealand so he doesn't become the newest 'toy' in a US prison :P Plus what kind of hacker cares about a lifetime Mega cloud account? You have enough computing power to do a major DDOS attack on an infrastructure designed to handle alot. You would have a lot of money already

      It's definitely a PR stunt from Kim but a conspiracy? I dunno, bit risky for a guy already under the microscope. And if there were 3,000 accounts given, then I don't think you'd need especially sophisticated computers (just a sophisticated enough attack pattern that doesn't automatically get recognised as a DDOS, maybe. I'm guessing this is the trick to them)

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