Kmart's Grand Theft Auto Ban Widens: GTA 4 Now In The Crosshairs

Kmart is now pulling all copies of Grand Theft Auto off the shelves. That includes Grand Theft Auto 4 and its various spin-off episodes. This is in addition to the stop-sale of Grand Theft Auto V titles from Kmart stores around the country.

Grand Theft Auto V was pulled from sale this morning, following a decision from sister chain, Target, to do the same.

Kmart has confirmed to Gizmodo Australia that all Grand Theft Auto titles are being pulled from Australian stores, as a result of complaints over sexual violence against women present in the fifth iteration of the series.

This was Kmart's statement from this morning:

Following a significant review of all content in Grand Theft Auto Games Kmart has taken the decision to remove this product immediately.
Kmart apologises for not being closer to the content of this game.

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    The fact the Kmart and Target are owned by Westfamers it was only a matter of time before this happened. Since when did our retailers decided to take the moral stand? Is it to hide how sweatshops are making their cloths by people who are paid less than $1 a day? If they want to play this game so be it.

      You can still play it. But they don't want your money. Honestly it's not a bad call on their behalf. Set yourself up as some kind of moral crusader. I imagine they will get more sales off this than they lose.


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    Who really cares anyway. Kmart's gaming prices are good at the initial release but always go up. I've never needed to buy a game from there. So couldn't care less. there is always ebay games or ebay.

    >> Looked up the Petition against an R18+ game
    >> Sees quote: "As a mother of two boys, I'm disgusted by the awful stuff marketed to kids, and as evidenced by this latest game, we can't seem to get enough. "

    GTA4? hahaha they just trying to clear old inventory. trying to send it back to manufacturer citing moral grounds. good one guys, hope you get a credit.

    Kmart apologises for not being closer to the content of this game.

    I don't understand this quote at all. Kmart is sorry that their image is not about beating prostitutes and killing people?

    *heads to the dumpsters out the back of the local kmart hoping to find gta series collection*

    It is against the law for a game containing sexual violence to be classified. All claims in the petition are false.

    I hope Rockstar refuses to let Westfarmers distribute any of their games again.

    After posting a link to a government website detailing classification laws on "Collective Shouts" facebook page and asked them to explain why they were lobbying retailers instead of the government if there is indeed sexual violence in GTAV, as the game should have been refused classification if this was the case.
    My post was promptly deleted and I was blocked. This was after having made and recieved responses for other posts, and I made a point to have the utmost respect.

    I have complete disdain for people who try to suppress others freedom of speech just so they can further their own radical agenda.

      And add to that "are sexist at the same time".
      Denouncing violence against 1/2 of the population...

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