Here’s What Tony Abbott Thinks Of The Sony Hacks

Here’s What Tony Abbott Thinks Of The Sony Hacks

A bit of political push ‘n’ shove is nothing new, but usually governments don’t get involved in the affairs of private companies. The recent hacks on Sony Pictures, though, have galvanised both the United States and its allies to comment on the record about the issue. The Prime Minister’s Office has released a (short) statement on the Sony hacks — it looks like Australia is officially joining the war of words against North Korea.

The Government joins the United States and other governments in condemning cyber attacks against Sony Pictures Corporation.

The United States has shared technical information with the Government that credibly attributes this activity to North Korea.

Companies need to be confident they can operate online in an environment of trust and confidence. Cyber attacks such as these threaten a strong and prosperous economy and undermine our way of life.

‘Nuff said, I guess. [PMO]