Here’s Some New Game Of Thrones Season 5 Footage

Here’s Some New Game Of Thrones Season 5 Footage

HBO has very slowly teased and trickled footage from Game of Thrones season 5 with a secret website and now this new elaborate seemingly self-destructing mobile-only video teaser. Luckily, the footage — which could only play once and not be screenshotted — was leaked online and we have a few more seconds to get excited.

The website started its teasing campaign for Season 5 tonight by texting people the footage that you see below on their phones. The footage could only be seen once and can’t be watched again (sort of like Bran’s vision, get it?).

Watchers on the Wall helps explain what we’re seeing:

-Sansa, staring straight ahead at the camera. The image was a bit distorted, like the effect that movies and TV sometimes use to dramatize someone waking up from a dream. Couldn’t tell if it was part of the shot or an intentional effect, but the footage looked like it might be new.

-A shot of Tyrion (no beard) sitting in the dark, looking sullen. I’m pretty sure that this was old footage from when Oberyn visits him in “Mockingbird”.

-A face carved into a Weirwood tree. Probably old footage — it looked similar to the one at which Bran had the vision in Season 4. However, even if it is new, there would be nothing to identify it as such since the face on the tree occupied the entire shot.

-A raven cawing. Possibly old footage. Didn’t notice if it had three eyes or not.

-The Braavosi captain and Arya in rowboat, moving left to right across the screen. Some grey stones like those we saw from the filming reports of Kastel Gomilica behind them. Definitely new footage!

-A hand (it looked like it belong to a woman or a girl) trailing over a dark pool of water. Definitely new.

-Cersei, peering out from behind a ornate grate. It looked like she might be in a litter. Definitely new footage!

-The white book being closed. Possibly old footage, although I don’t remember the exact angle of the shot from the show.