'Girls Make Games' Program Heads To Australia

Girls Make Games is a series of one-off, girls-only workshops that aims to teach the basics of all creative game-making disciplines, and get more future women in the industry — and it's coming to Sydney and Melbourne this January.

A lot of people talk about the "chicken & egg" problem the West has with the lack of women in STEM fields, but not enough are trying to do something about it. Girls Make Games aims to fix that at a grassroots level, with a goal of getting 1 million women into game-making by 2020.

Everything you'd expect is in the program, with a little bit of coding and art, and I'm happy to see some focus on design theory as well. But there's also some time spent on Sound Engineering, QA, and pitching. Quite a lot for a few days, but the most important thing is the fun & inspiration to keep up the craft.

The program, for ages 7-16, will set you back $500 per week and will run from 10am to 4pm each day.

It's heading to Sydney from the 5-9th of January, and Melbourne from the 12th-23rd. Spots are limited, so you can try your luck and apply here.

Ongoing mentorship is also available after the camps. Good luck if you apply!

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