Famous Superheroines Wearing Suits Made Of Liquid Paint Look Really Cool


    More models should look like these, they're attractive, curvy and not stick women. With the lighting and vivid paint the shots are fantastic. She-Hulk for the win. Love it. :)

    A Little help please, can anybody tell me the top three and the last one? I got all the others.

    I suspect #3 is Catwoman, but unsure. The Last one looks like Mary Jane becoming Venom.

      I think
      1. Ms Marvel
      2. Emma Frost
      3. Catwoman

      and you may be right about the last one.

    #1 Ms Marvel,
    #2 Emma Frost
    #3 Catwoman

    Last one is venom.
    That's my best guess.

    Really ... "Captain Marvel" .... please learn your Marvel heroines Gizmodo ... (though you are technically correct but not why you think)
    #1 would be Cpt Carol Denver aka Miss Marvel (who was in a coma for 10 years while Rouge "borrowed" her powers)

    As to @dknight100 yes #3 would be Selina Kyle aka Catwoman
    I think #2 is either Emma Frost or Dagger .. though not many really follow Dagger and Moon Shadow ( I think that was his name) so I'm not really sure
    The last one I will have to agree with you and its one of the better pics .. but then MJ and that red hair really set it off .. I can't think of who it as as Batgirl is already there... so we'll go with a Venom MJ
    if #4 is Supergirl is #8 Superwoman ? or are they both Supergirl at different points ?

    There are so many jokes, funny lines and bad innuendo I could throw in here.
    But I won't...
    Been put on "This post is awaiting moderation" hold a couple of times, I suspect if I did post a few lines I might get banned! ;)

    Not trying to sound all femminazi here, but a few guys wouldn't hurt here and there.

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