You Can Get Android Lollipop’s Best Feature On Older Android Phones

You Can Get Android Lollipop’s Best Feature On Older Android Phones
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My favourite part of Android Lollipop is having a secure PIN code on my phone but never having to type it in, thanks to the new Trusted Devices and Trusted Places options that bypass the lock screen when I don’t need it. If you’ve got an older Android phone, there’s good news: An app can bring you the same great trick.

Llama, but Delayed Lock is probably the simplest solution short of having Lollipop on your phone, and it doesn’t require root access. It’s not exactly clear what the oldest version of Android this can work on is, but even as far back as 4.0 you should be in the clear.

To set it up, just pick the Bluetooth devices you want to trust, Wi-Fi networks you connect to at your home or office, and you’re good to go. All that on top of the title feature, the ability to set up a lock screen delay so that a PIN prompt won’t show up for X amount of minutes since you last entered it.

There are a few, minimal catches. You’ll have to use a PIN or password with Delayed Lock; Pattern lock isn’t an option unless you root your phone. Then again if you’re never entering a code anyway, it hardly matters. That and $US3 isn’t quite free, but the app comes with a 7-day free trial, and not having to go through a lock screen all the time is well worth the three bucks. You can go get it on the Google Play Store now. [The Verge]