Would You Stream Your Funeral Online?

That's the service One Room Funeral Streaming is aiming to provide. Although making the effort to show up to a funeral is part of the point, sometimes you just can't do it — so should anyone be able to attend as a virtual guest?

With the option there, you'd certainly expect people to look at the cost of that plane ticket in a slightly different way. One Room has now launched in Australia, expanding out of a successful run in New Zealand, and you could soon be sitting in a funeral chapel, ticking a box for "online stream".

Alan Mclean, Australian Business Development Manager, says Australians will enjoy the service as much as the Kiwis:

The One Room system is already available in funeral chapels in NSW and Victoria and is a huge success in New Zealand. We have a great opportunity to dominate the market in Australia as our technology and streaming quality is so high.

As for what exactly One Room is offering technologically that couldn't be accomplished via YouTube or Twitch - except for perhaps a lack of advertising to show respect - there doesn't seem to be much. One Room does allow users to "switch between views of the coffin, pulpit, or audience", so there's a bit of additional functionality there, and there's the benefit of not having to worry about cameras.

Indeed, it looks like its main goal is to install itself into funeral homes and churches throughout the country, as a service that can promote itself as already installed and ready to go. Viewers will also be able to log back in and re-watch at their desire, for the next 90 days.

Would you pay your final respects through fibre?

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