This Tiny Prefab Hut On Wheels Is Adorably Twee

This Tiny Prefab Hut On Wheels Is Adorably Twee

Tiny lodging is a big deal in dense cities where space is minimal, demand is maximal, and rent is astronomical. If, however, you want to keep the “let’s get small” vibe in the great wide open, these teensy prefab Shepherd Huts just might be the mini getaway of your dreams.

A Canadian company called Güte is manufacturing these itty bitty living spaces from scratch, custom-made to your specifications — so long as you’re fine with something no wider than seven feet (sorry, Shaq). They managed to Tetris quite a bit in there — Daybed! Fold-away table! Cabinet, drawers, and countertop combo! — but there is no denying this is not exactly a space for stretching out.

They’re being billed as a kind of retreat for folks who’ve already got main digs and the acreage and just want a spot for, say, daydreaming, finally writing that novel you’ve been meaning to focus on, or banishing houseguests. You don’t need any kind of building permit, but you are gonna need a generator, battery, or loooong extension cord to juice this thing up (though it can go totally off-grid if you opt to add on a solar array). Plus: No toilet.

So — pretty idyllic, not exactly super practical. The old-timey, cast-iron wheels look more suited for small moves on the lawn than long rides on the freeway, so it’s not likely you’d tow this with you on a road trip.

That being said, if you’ve got the land and an extra 30 grand for a handcrafted room to think about life in the peace and quiet of a spot that’s not your regular home — Güte’s got you covered. If you spring for it, feel free to invite me over for a hot toddy when it gets chilly outside. [Gizmag]