These Surreal Images Envision Nature And Cities Colliding

These Surreal Images Envision Nature And Cities Colliding

Given the advent of Photoshop, most of us don’t bat an eye at wildly creative photographic collage. But Croatian visual artist Tanja Deman‘s still have the power to shock even the most jaded eyes — and point a surreal spotlight on the relationship between nature and humans.

Deman’s recent work focuses on the built environment and community spaces, and investigates how they disconnect or connect to nature. The following selection of images are taken from her latest series, showcasing dream-like scenery that exists only in our collective unconsciousness.

A.S.K., Collective Narratives (2013)

Landscape, Site Densification (2009)

Crystals, Collective Narratives (2013)

Landscape, Fernweh (2009)

Roof Terrace, Fernweh (2009)

Stadium, Collective Narratives (2013)

Theatre, Collective Narratives (2013)

Arena, Collective Narratives (2013)

Waterfall, Site Densification (2009)

Highway, Site Densification (2009)

All the images above are by Tanja Deman and republished here with permission.