The Only Flying Car I Need Is This RC Version

The Only Flying Car I Need Is This RC Version

RC cars come with the downside that they can’t fly. UAV are fun but they can only fly, not drive. The only natural evolution is that we must, in the spirit of hybridization, create a vehicle that can do both. Here is B, “the flying car.”

B measures 18 inches long, and drives around on wheels supported by shock absorbers. In the video above we see B V1 driving around on flat pavement, but a forthcoming V2 design has a 4×4 suspension for driving on rough terrain.

When you reach an obstacle you can’t drive over, simply flip on B’s four carbon fibre/nylon propellors and watch the little guy take off into the sky. The 5000 mAh battery gets an estimated 15 minutes of driving or flying time on a single charge. If all you want to do is fly B in the sky, you can also remove the tires to make it lighter and more manoeuvrable.

Like many other UAVs, B is outfitted with a camera that shoots 1280×720 video at 30fps. It will even ships with a 32GB microSD card.

After popping up in a demo video over the summer, B just hit Kickstarter in two versions. B V1 has already been manufactured and is available for $US572 for delivery in January. If you want v2, it will cost you $US700 and you’ll have to wait until next May. In the meantime, let’s all just be glad that someone finally made a flying car that works — even if in miniature.