Samsung’s Gear VR Headset: $249 In Australia

Samsung’s Gear VR Headset: $249 In Australia

How much cash will you need to spend to turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 into a bonafide virtual reality headset? $249 in Australia.

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There will actually be two versions: the standalone cheaper Gear VR headset, and a bundle that comes with Samsung’s Bluetooth gamepad. Both ship early December. Either way, you’ll also need a Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, so you’re looking at one heck of a total sticker price.

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Samsung partner Oculus, which announced the price in a blog post, also says you can now download the Oculus Mobile SDK. Which, in case you’re not familiar, is the software that developers need to make apps, games, and other VR experiences for the Gear VR and any future VR headsets based on Android. If that describes you, maybe you’ll want to go download that, yes?

Which doesn’t mean that the Gear VR won’t have quite a few experiences to begin with: you can read about some of the best things I saw in the Gear VR right here.

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